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Sexy X-ray calendar

sexy nude models x-ray calendar (6)

A Japan-based manufacturer of display devices published an advertising calendar of medical scanning apparatus, this calendar entirely by X-ray high precision images of sexy nude models. Sexy female models show a variety of "sexy" poses under the X-ray. One can only see "sexy" Skeleton… Some people say that is creative advertising of a German advertising […]

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Gun & Rose – Stunning pictures

gun and rose beauty_and_guns_ (6)

Although the title is "Gun & Rose", but the content is not mentioned on the heavy metal band, to continue down you will know what’s that means.     

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The gap of the network and reality

myspace funny_avatar_reality (9)

A group MySpace picture with the real contrast image, it impresses us once again that the gap of the network and reality, everybody should think about it before you wanna find beautiful girls on the web. Hope it did not hurt your fragile heart.  

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Dance with snakes – beauties and vipers

Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova dance with snake celebrity super models

All super models and celebrities. Although these photos are slightly odd or even a bit weird, they are sexy. Click the thumbnail to view the large size image. As a child, Angelina Jolie had a habit of collecting snakes and lizards.  Series “Heroes” – Kristen Bell Poland, top supermodel, Amgya Rubik, python scarf ! Brazilian […]

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Sexy girls wearing Chinese-style dress hot pictures

Sexy girls wearing Chinese-style dress hot pictures 9

We are young and we are sexy~ Chinese-style dress, chi-pao(cheongsam), which is a close-fitting woman’s dress with high neck and slit skirt.  

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Gallery of Hot Show Girls (54 pictures)

Hot Show Girls beauty pictures 20

In the fighting(boxing) game, before the start of each game there’s a sexy show girl to indicate the number of rounds, these hot beauties are the beautiful scenery of fighting zone.  

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The world’s most beautiful and sexiest news reporter (anchor)

The worlds most beautiful news reporter Sexiest News Anchor16

Click the pic to enlarge. Mélissa Theuriau (Melissa Theuriau),born 18 July 1978 in Échirolles, Isère (Grenoble). She was voted the world’s most beautiful female news reporter by the Daily Express. similarly, she has been chosen the "TV’s Sexiest News Anchor" by readers of the US edition of Maxim Magazine. Melissa Theuriau obtained a DUT(Institut universitaire […]

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2010 Uruguay Carnival

2010 Uruguay Carnival 5

February 6, a grand carnival in the capital and largest city of Uruguay, Montevideo, it’s a cosmopolitan city and one of the busiest ports in South America. The "call" parade, as the highlight of 2010 Uruguay carnival, it attracted thousands of spectators. The celebrations marked by wild costumes, music and sexy dancing in the streets. […]

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New version of “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and Beast 9

The film "Beauty and the Beast" was released in 1991, it is the only animated film ever nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award. The Beast marries Belle,and they live happily ever after. There are some photos of new version "Beauty and the Beast". Of course, they have none in common, but they are well […]

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Brazil sexy twins beauty

Brazil sexy twins beauty 1

We all love beauty, needless to say sexy twins beauty! Take a look at these stunningly attractive girls!

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A very sexy and hot soccer match

sexy hot soccer babes match

A very sexy and hot soccer match, these girls are sexy and in a perfect shape. I wanna join this football team, lol ~

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