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Shocking Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week shocking models new aesthetic fashion (5)

July 9, Berlin Fashion Week, designer Patrick Mohr introduced the new aesthetic fashion, the beautiful female models were all bald and long beards, very shocking!    

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Creative shocking house and edifice photos

creative shocking house edifice photos (1)

Amazing house and edifice photos, there’s a visual impact, sense of oppression also.      

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A really shocking scary computer box

amazing cool unique scary computer box design 1

Interior cool lights and colorful hose, taken as a whole, it looks like the tendons of human body through the computer; also, there’s a creepy sensation. Although I do not know which specification computer can fit this unique box, but I admire the designer of this box, he conquered the fears of ordinary people, I […]

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If human can do it, so can we

super funny stuff cute pictures of dogs repair cars 6

You will be stunning when you towed the car to the garage. Of course, dogs know how to fix cars, let these old hand at fixing cars help you repair the car.  

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Living Money Origami(Paper Folding) Art

Money Origami Paper Folding Art 1

Origami(Paper Folding) originated in China, however, it’s Japanese to flourish the art of origami(paper folding). In Japan, origami was originally used for worship, it prevailed in the popular folk until the papermaking was widespread. The origami is a compulsory subject in primary schools nationwide. In the past few decades, modern origami technology has developed to […]

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Top 10 shocking expression of eyes

Top 10 shocking expression of eyes1

July 7 in Southern Sudan, the small boy was hold by his mother who is suffering from leprosy. The boy’s parents were suffering from leprosy, but because of the civil war, so they are not given due medical assistance. March 7, a Panamanian police participated in training at Espinal, Colombia. Police forces from different countries […]

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The astonishing twisters captured by storm-chasing photographer

The astonishing twisters captured by storm-chasing photographer

Wizard of Oz: Professional storm chasers monitor an approaching tornado in western Kansas on May 8, 2008   Dark skies: A super storm in Kansas. Extreme weather photographer Jim Reed has spent the last 20 years being as close as possible to tornados     Storm clouds: An isolated thunderstorm threatens south central Kansas on […]

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Kids Gone Wild: Shocking Stories of Feral Children

Gazelle Boy In 1960, Basque anthropologist Jean-Claude Auger received a tip from nomads in the Sahara that a child was running free in the desert. He went to investigate, and sure enough, he spotted a boy galloping with the gazelles. Auger watched as the kid sniffed and licked to communicate and ate roots, lizards, and […]

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