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Amazing contest between two ‘icemen’

amazing cool shocking crazy iceman Wim Hof withstanding extreme cold contest challenge

The evening of January 20, Jin Songhao, nearly 60, a man from China’s Heilongjiang with the ability of withstanding extreme cold, and famous Wim Hof (born 20 April 1959, in the Dutch town of Sittard, nicknamed the Iceman), together met a hard challenge – staying in ice water mixture. Finally, Jin Songhao stayed in a […]

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How many exceedingly great fishes are there in Mekong?!

shocking amazed cool weird bizarre unusual rare amazing great large huge giant big fish (1)

The number of unusually large fishes living in the Mekong is far more than any place on earth, one of the WWF officials had said so.

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Rare giant insects

amazing incredible weird odd bizarre rare shocking big giant large huge insects (9)

Are you interested in keeping one of them as own unique pet?  

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Crazy operation in construction

amazed surprising shocking crazy dangerous odd bizarre horrible  building construction work pictures (2)

January 5, 2012, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province in China, an excavator was working on the roof of a 12-story building, such thing made the people both surprised and worried.    

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US-Mexico border drug trafficking tunnel

shocking secretive United States US Mexico border drug tunnels trafficking illegal immigration (1)

Along the United States-Mexico border, via secret tunnels drug dealers engage in drug trafficking and illegal immigration. What will be startling is that in some tunnels, not only are there the tramways, ventilation and lighting systems, but air conditioning equipments. Each year through these tunnels as many as dozens of tons of drugs cross the […]

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Spectacular photos of the sky of the storms

amazing spectacular wonder amazed shocking cool awesome storm lightning sky (21)

Admirable photographer has started shooting the sky of the storms from 1999; he overcame many difficulties and captured these extremely amazing photographs. Does anyone know the name of the photographer? Next Pages

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Shocking sharks that were caught

amazed fearful frightening horrible shocking poor great white shark (3)

In the ocean sharks may be very cruel, but on Earth perhaps human is the cruelest. Sharks and human beings are all senior members in the food chain, over recent centuries human had made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology holding all the trumps. I only have to say, human is the natural enemy of […]

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Have you ever seen this in fish mouth?!

weird bizarre shocking surprising sick horrible terrible disgusting creature fish

Looks very disgusting, seems more like an arthropod beetle resembling shrimp than a parasite. What on earth is that?!   Next Pages

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The world’s biggest lips

bizarre weird odd surprising crazy shocking worlds most plump biggest lips mouth (2)

22-year-old Russian girl Kristina Rei believes she looks ugly and the crux was that her lips were too thin, so, since 17, she has made hundreds of silicone injection and is having the world’s most plump lips. Her idol is Jessica Rabbit in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. Not surprisingly, she has never had a boyfriend […]

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Egypt’s escalating conflicts and asking for million-people demonstration

Egypt massive demonstrations conflicts Cairo

November 22, 2011, Madan Tahrir, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt’s mass demonstrations and conflicts into the fourth day and the scale of which was further escalating. The day many organizations at Madan Tahrir called for "million-people demonstration" to ask the military to transfer the state power ASAP. The picture showed that the crowd was consciously giving channel […]

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Greedy python stuffed to death

shocking amazed startling greedy python snake stuffed to death (2)

South Florida National Parks in the United States, someone found a dead python up to 5 meters long. From its bulging belly can be found that it’s only a short time after it swallowed the prey. After the autopsy the park’s staff found that in Python’s belly there’s an adult doe whole! Obviously, the snake […]

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