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Alligator VS Python molurus bivittatus

amazing shocking crocodile Alligator Python molurus bivittatus pet photos

Little Python molurus bivittatus has no problem, many people keep it as a pet, however, there’s no place to keep it when it grows up, and some owners release the snakes into the wild, which leads to the resulting of ecological imbalance.

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An amazing cat with two-headed

amazing shocking weird odd bizarre mutation animals cat two head Guinness World Records (3)

An amazing cat in Massachusetts has two mouths, two noses and three eyes on its face. The probability of such mutation is only one in a million. With the good care of the owner, the cat’s vitality is extremely tenacious, and now, it’s celebrating its 12-year-old’s birthday, not only being a TV star, recently but […]

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Zombie ants in Brazil’s rainforest

shocking amazing new life living beings zombie ants fungi pathogen Brazil rainforest (1)

The world’s most dangerous life hidden in Brazil’s rainforest, but the enemy that ants there are facing is one of the most sinister. Pennsylvania State University’s scientists recently discovered four new species of fungi in the area, they are shocked that these fungi can infect ants and take over their body and, in an environment […]

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Amazing people – Only in India

amazing shocking cool wow weird odd bizarre surprising fun people indian pictures only in india (1)

Surprising photos, I’m at a loss what to say… I’m very surprised how he can breathe.  

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Amazing Guinness World Records – World’s Longest Fingernails

amazing wow cool shocking Guinness Book of World Records worlds longest fingernail (1)

September 14, around the New York Public Library in the United States, professional singer from Las Vegas, Chris Walton, who was showing her amazing fingernails at introductory campaign of "Guinness Book of World Records 2012", which have been keeping for 18 years, the left hand’s fingernails were 10 feet 2 inches (about 3.05 meters) in […]

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Medieval Russia’s brutal instruments of torture

Medieval Russia shocking brutal horrible crazy fearful frightening instruments torture (4)

This is a museum which displays the instruments of torture in medieval Russia, each of which is gruesome and horrible, that’s really a dark era in human history.

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No reason why not eat!

weird odd crazy sick unusual shocking surprising amazing food in world (14)

Daring diners around the world.

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Huge crocodile more than 1 ton in weight and 6 meters in length was caught in Philippines

shocking surprising amazing huge biggest largest longest crocodile Crocodylus porosus Philippine (3)

Philippine officials on 6 said that a crocodile of more than a ton was captured at a village in Philippines. It’s reported that this crocodile had repeatedly attacked human and livestock, which is 6.4 meters in length and 1075 kilograms in weight. According to a man who caught the crocodile, a farmer and a few […]

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Amazing pictures of beer belly

amazing shocking crazy surprising huge big pot beer belly saggy stomachs flabby tummies (27)

The burning hot summer, beer belly becomes the multitudinous person’s worry. Is it a big belly caused by drinking too much beer? The medical research proves that guzzling beer isn’t the only reason why men develop pot belly, which perhaps has the reason on genes.   Next Pages

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Amazing images of space junk

amazing shocking near earth orbit space debris junk images pictures critical point (2)

European Space Agency (ESA) announced synthetic images of space junk in near-earth orbit. U.S. National Research Council said in a report, the amount of Space debris above the Earth has reached the tipping point. They urged NASA to take measures to mitigate the impact of space debris.  

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Weird fish with human-like teeth

weird odd bizarre strange shocking surprising horrible amazing fish human like teeth

Don’t know what species of this ugly strange fish, and the weirdest is that it has human-like teeth and seems both horrible and ridiculous, do you what the fish is?

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