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Amazing overcrowding transporting in Bangladesh

amazing shocking surprising unbelievable incredible Overcrowding crowded train ship Bangladesh (3)

Local time on August 30, 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh, people were managing to crowd onto a train, the overcrowding in which can match the transporting during the Spring Festival in China. Overcrowding ships

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Debris flow? No, it’s garbage flow

shocking surprising amazing rubbish garbage debris flow rainstorms photos

August 28, in the Philippine capital Manila, due to the typhoon Nanmadol, a landfill collapsed because of rainstorms, leading to great spurt of lots of garbage came out of the landfill, some houses were destroyed. 27, "Nanmadol" landed in the northern Philippines.

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The images of black hole chomping up stars

amazing spectacular awesome cool stars black hole universe photo images pictures (3)

This is considered the most mysterious and most amazing scene in the universe. The black hole in the image is like a devil and a close star is shredded into plasma and invisible. Such black holes regularly chomp up stars, and that produces a lot of radiation. Report said that the black hole is extremely […]

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The temperatures was so high that the road fractured

amazing shocking high temperatures China fractured road photos (1)

August 15, Mianyang, Sichuan, China, as the continuous high temperatures, the road located in the west of Mianyang Airport Road fractured because of high temperature and arched 50 cm. The responsible person of Mianyang Airport rushed to the scene and judged that the road was fractured due to high temperatures.

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A large-scale sandstorm was sweeping Phoenix

amazing shocking powerful large scale sandstorm dust storm attack sweep subject U.S. Phoenix

Local time on August 18, 2011, a powerful sandstorm attacked the U.S. Phoenix, which had reduced visibility to nearly zero.

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Do you dare to put your fingers into these terrible bowling?

weird odd bizarre strange horrible crazy terrible shocking amazing design bowling (2)

Bowling is usually in one or two colors and even the colorful bowling is rare. But some people design a very special group of bowling, who draw shocking pattern on the ball surface. When you picked up the bowling, as if being into bloody mouth, eyes, absolutely terrible! Bold one can have a try…  

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Shocking Deadly Piranhas In Amazon

amazing horrible terrible shocking fearful dangerous hazardous fish Piranha Amazon river (1)

Piranhas live in groups and may attack humans and animals. When hundreds of piranhas simultaneously attack a target, only a skeleton left after a few minutes, such scary scene is frightening very thought, so when you travel on the Amazon river, do not hand into the water! :) Amazon has the rainy season and dry […]

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The horrible army of caterpillars – Warning – creepy pictures

terrible horrible sick amazing crazy uncomfortable scary creepy fearful awful caterpillars

It’s uncomfortable when seeing a caterpillar, let alone the army of tens of thousands of caterpillars, such sort of feelings can only be seen in horror film turn my blood cold. Next Page

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Shocking “real human” exhibition

amazing crazy shocking frightening horrible fearful real human specimens model exhibition show

August 6, in Montevideo, Uruguay, visitors were watching an exhibition called "real human". Being in that exhibition would make my blood turn cold. Are these real human specimens? Or just model?  

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300000 people in Israel were protesting the rising cost of living

amazing general nation wide demonstration massive largest public protest Israel (4)

Evening of August 6, at least 300,000 Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv and other cities to protest against the soared price of commodities and houses, called on the government to listen to the voice of all levels and carry out comprehensive social reform. Media said that it’s the largest public protest movement […]

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Amazing aerial photographs taken by Tom Ryaboi

wonderful awesome offbeat unique amazing shocking cool skyscrapers aerial photos shots

Tom Ryaboi, from Toronto in Canada, is known as the photographer of Rooftopping, all of these wonderful photographs he took weren’t with the aid of traditional hot air balloons or any other flight equipments, but sitting on the edge of skyscrapers to shoot. As one of the most famous photographers of Rooftopping, Tom Ryaboi always […]

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