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Beautiful ice caves in the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

stunning beautiful amazing ice cave glacier

The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska, where not only are the views visual spectacle and beautiful, but the scenery below the surface is amazing. The following pictures show the caves inside the glacier that are formed by melt water. Source

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Close to the edge of the precipice to appreciate spectacular waterfall

brave crazy amazing people extreme sports canoeing Drift

Recently, a photographer was doing aerial shot by helicopter around the Victoria Falls in Africa, suddenly he found that there’re three bold canoeing enthusiasts were approaching the edge of the cliff, and then stopped at the top of bare rock, along the current of the waterfall appreciating the spectacular scene of the world’s largest waterfall […]

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Spectacular underwater photos of whale preying on sardines

cool amazing spectacular impressive exciting wonder underwater photo pictures (4)

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on April 9, brave underwater photographer Doug Perrine and his companion Brandon Cole in Mexican waters underwater close photographed the spectacular scenes that a Bryde’s whale about 15 meters long was preying on shoal of sardines.   Via

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The world’s longest steel truss girder suspension bridge

amazing spectacular wonder cool amazed longest bridge (6)

China, Aizhai Bridge, connecting Changsha and Chongqing, began in October 2007, across the Grand Canyon of Deben with the span of 1176m. It’s currently the world’s longest steel truss girder suspension bridge across canyon. March 25, 2012, the aerial panorama of the bridge.

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Photograph of the world’s most active volcano taken at close range

amazing cool wonderful spectacular beautiful volcano magma lava eurpting photo pictures (1)

British "Daily Mail" reported on March 28, Miles Morgan, a professional photographer who specializes in volcano in Hawaii shot Kilauea volcano at close quarters. Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, Miles Morgan set up a tripod very close to the volcano and was taking stunning pictures while it was erupting violently.

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The world’s highest waterfall – Spectacular Angel Falls

spectacular wonderful great highest waterfall Salto Angel Falls Salto Churun Meru (2)

Angel Falls (Salto Angel, Salto Churun Meru) is located in the deep forests of large plateau in the Venezuela and Guyana, torrents of Rio Churun from the Auyan-tepui mountain (the Auyantepui mountain) rush down the cliff and make a sheer drop of 979.6 m, about 18 times the height of Niagara Falls.  

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Spectacular and exquisite beach artworks

amazing awesome impressive cool spectacular beautiful beach painting art work (8)

The British "Daily Mail" reported on March 12, Andres Amador, an American artist, up to now who has created huge beach paintings for 12 years. He took rake as painting brush and beach as his canvas, completing pre-designed patterns and geometry before the tide, some works were 500 ft long, 300 ft wide, really spectacular […]

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A crack 30 km long in the Antarctic glacier

amazing splendid spectacular large giant iceberg Antarctic glacier satellite photo

Terra, Earth observation satellite equipped with optical sensors, shot a crack 30 km long in the Antarctic glacier – a giant iceberg is forming. The photo was taken in November last year. The crack width of 80 meters, about 60 meters deep, up to 30 kilometers long. It is estimated that soon after the giant […]

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Amazing farm with unique geography

amazing cool spectacular wonder landscape unique hill mountain farm (2)

In Bolzano, Italy, a unusual farm sits on the side of the mountain. Farmers daily labor on the slopes and at the end of it is cliff.  

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Spectacular photos of submarine volcanic eruptions captured by brave photographers

cool awesome spectacular submarine volcanic eruptions wonder photos pictures (5)

Tongatapu, the place where submarine volcano was erupting. Tongatapu (Tongataboo) group is in the south of the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific, land area of 464 square kilometers, the main island of which is Tongatapu Island (area 257 square kilometers), is also the largest island of Tonga.       

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Spectacular view of flocks

spectacular impressive amazing interesting inspiring awesome wonderful bird flocks

Yearly from late autumn to early spring, over the Gretna Green in Scotland, you can enjoy the magic birds’ flight performance. Every year after a long flight from their habitat in Russia or Scandinavia they will be there for winter, tens of thousands of flocks of birds flying in the sky to compose a variety […]

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