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Creepy and disturbing baby head masks

weird odd disturbing creepy bizarre strange baby head mask (3)

Each one of these realistic Hyperflesh baby masks created out of extra thick latex is individually handcrafted by Landon Meier on a single size, $350 plus shipping and handling. Source Video

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Only in Japan – Toilet powered motorbike

only in japan weird odd strange bizarre products toilet motorcycle (1)

The toilet powered motorcycle is created by Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO and is design to run on human waste, which can convert human waste into biogas fuel. Beside its eco-friendly features, it can play music and even talk to the rider as they drive. Source Video

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Surprising body painting on Denver Fashion Weekend


Denver’s makeup artist Katelyn Simkins’ carousel-style body painting works became the focus of Denver Fashion Weekend. Via

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Paper art with representation of human anatomy

amazed creative weird surprising odd strange bizarre crazy shocking paper art work (3)

Lisa Nilsson, American artist, was born in 1963. In this series of paper art of human anatomy, Lisa used traditional Japanese mulberry paper and gilt edge of some books to create these artworks, each of which starts with a small paper roll, and ultimately has to take several weeks to finish, the wooden box for […]

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Giant dead whale shark was found in Karachi, Pakistan

amazed giant large huge whale shark (5)

Local time on February 7 in Karachi, Pakistan, a 40 ft (12.8 m) dead whale shark was found near the pier. People were trying to use the crane to get this giant whale shark from the water.   Crowd of onlookers formed around the whale shark. Via

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"Cappuccino" seashore in Cape Town, South Africa

bizarre unusual rare weird odd strange fun shocking amazing natural phenomenon phenomena foam beach

Always, mysterious nature shocks human in various ways. Recently, people were once again shocked by the nature. At suburb of Cape Town in South Africa, the Sea Point Beach is full of white foam and the sea looks like a large glass of "Cappuccino." It’s reported that the strange bubble is caused by the decay […]

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Amazing sculpture of yoga

amazed surprising weird odd bizarre strange unusual yoga sculpture art work (2)

When people first see this work, surely can’t make sense of what the meaning of that. In fact, this is actually a sculpture of yoga created by artist Katie Grinnan using marine sand, which represents a complete slow motion of yoga. Really great difficulties in understanding it…  

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The most creative or weirdest headgears?

weird odd strange crazy cool amazed bizarre surprising different unique headgears caps (8)

It takes great courage to wear such headgears.

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Weird creatures with human face figure around the world

Weird odd strange bizarre amazing rare surprising animals insect creature resemble human face figure pattern (9)

Japan’s Toba Aquarium, a crab (right) with the figure of human face like is lying beside its shedding shell. This strange crab was caught by a 8-year-old boy at seaside and was sent to the aquarium. Insects     Aquatic organism Alien alike :)

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Different eco-fashion show

weird funny odd bizarre strange unusual surprising different unique fashion show (2)

Nov. 26, a special eco-fashion show held in Colombia. The most obvious feature of this fashion show is all the inspirational clothes that the models wearing are made of natural organic fiber materials and living plants. It seems that this eco-fashion show is probably to draw attention to the ecological environment protection. Next Pages

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An alien was stored in refrigerator for two years by a Russian girl

weird odd strange surprising bizarre russia extraterrestrial alien ufo photos

Russia, Petrozavodsk, an unknown object discovered two years ago was considered an alien and had been stored in the refrigerator for two years. In 2009, a local girl found this body in a crashed UFO, she used plastic film to wrap it and put it in the refrigerator. Currently, whether it’s an alien is still […]

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