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Love between Human Being & Skeleton

weird odd strange bizarre fashion photograph beauty ghost skeleton

Weird fashion photograph… Living beauty and dead lady-killer? Can you make sense of what it is meaning?  

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Bizarre and funny soap

funny interesting weird bizarre odd strange surprising creative soap design (9)

At least some of which I don’t get the guts to use.

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Fancier than Harry Potter

funny interesting cool weird odd strange unique bizarre lol awesome take picture photograph post

Oregon, USA, suspended in the air and leisurely sleeping, ​​a 14-year-old boy assumed such particular posture to take pictures. Nowadays, it’s popular that taking pictures in weird or funny pose, really impressive.

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Shocking ‘Real-life’ of Barbie dolls

weird funny amazing odd bizarre strange unusual Barbie doll girls photography

Mariel Clayton, American photographer, focused on the scenery photography of doll, with Barbie girl as protagonist to shoot various scenes for imitating famous paintings, crime scenes, etc. In Mariel Clayton’s website he says he can hardly explain such ideas and don’t know where these ideas come from. He firstly engaged in travel photography, but occasionally […]

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Amazing hotel in Japan only services the dead

weird bizarre odd strange unique Japan hotel offer service the deceased dead (3)

In Yokohama, Japan, recently there’s a unique hotel which looked as similar as an ordinary hotel in the appearance, however, it only services the dead. Because in Japan the deceased has to line up to wait for cremation at crematorium and it will take around four days, so this hotel has eyes on this market […]

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Amazing Seychelles’ Lodoicea maldivica

funny interesting odd surprising Lodoicea maldivica double coconut Seychelles photos (5)

Lodoicea maldivica, also known as double coconut, is a unique sort of palm tree 20m – 30m high on Praslin Island in Seychelles. A Lodoicea maldivica is usually about 10 kilograms and the heaviest is up to 30 kilograms. Today, the Praslin Island that has more than 4000 Lodoicea maldivica trees has been designated as […]

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Amazing photos of weird people

weird odd amazing bizarre strange hilarious funniest grimace wry faces (14)

I have to say that these guys are very creative men indeed!   Next Pages

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Weird fish with human-like teeth

weird odd bizarre strange shocking surprising horrible amazing fish human like teeth

Don’t know what species of this ugly strange fish, and the weirdest is that it has human-like teeth and seems both horrible and ridiculous, do you what the fish is?

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Weird "Desert Circles" in China

spectacular mysterious strange odd weird bizarre huge big China desert circles wonder

Speaking of strange circles, the first that comes to mind is various strange ‘Crop Circles’. Allegedly, ‘Crop Circles’ as a means of communication between alien civilization and the Earth, which has a long history of mystery and also has a lot of alien enthusiasts following and researching. Recently, at Delingha region in China’s Qinghai Province, […]

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Do you dare to put your fingers into these terrible bowling?

weird odd bizarre strange horrible crazy terrible shocking amazing design bowling (2)

Bowling is usually in one or two colors and even the colorful bowling is rare. But some people design a very special group of bowling, who draw shocking pattern on the ball surface. When you picked up the bowling, as if being into bloody mouth, eyes, absolutely terrible! Bold one can have a try…  

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Amazing exhibition of deformed animals

amazing weird odd bizarre rare strange surprising deformed exhibition stuffed animals specimens

July 19, 2011, the deformed animal exhibition was held in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, which including some animal specimens.  

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