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Weird ‘Body Worlds Animals Exhibition’ in Germany

amazing weird strange Body Worlds Animals Exhibition Cologne German anatomist (14)

Dr. Gunther von Hagens, a German anatomist who had held the exhibition of plasticized human specimens. Recently, Gunther von Hagens held ‘Body Worlds Animals Exhibition’ in the Cologne Zoo. Animal carcasses, skin and organs processed in special way were showing in public.  

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The world’s greatest and highest hairstyle

amazing weird strange funny Guinness World Records worlds greatest highest hairstyle (1)

April 10, 2011, the X International Festival of Hairdresser Art in Kiev, Ukraine, a model was showing the world’s highest hairstyle which is the shape of Eiffel Tower formed by more than 350 meters braids and a framework of 7.7m height, this hairstyle can set a Guinness World Records in Ukraine.  

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Beautiful blue mushroom

beautiful nice unusual rare amazing mysterious blue mushroom fungus fairy Pixies Parasol (5)

Mycena interrupta, commonly known as the Pixies Parasol, is a sort of mushroom that is fungus of the Gondwana flora. It can be seen in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Chile, and is widely distributed in Australia: Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland’s Lamington National Park. In legend, the eyes can […]

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Amazing teenage girl turned a cow to be her horse

funny interesting amazing German teenage girl train cow luna to horse riding jumping

In a town named Laufen in Southern German, Regina Mayer, 15-year-old girl, wanted to have a horse of her own, but her parents refused her hopes. Regina didn’t give up and incredibly trained a cow named Luna to be her horse and the cow actually acts like a horse, too. Now, Regina Luna rides on […]

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UK’s unique model agency – "Ugly Models"

individual arresting ugliest weird strange amazing ugly people guy Ugly Models

According to the British "Daily Mail " reported, there’s a unique model agency in Britain, Ugly Models, it only searches special models based on looks and is one of the biggest character model agencies in the world. Since its establishment 41 years ago, the London-based ugly agency has boasted a roster of more than 1,000 […]

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Trees were shrouded by webs as ghostly cocoons

amazing strange weird fun Pakistani trees shrouded ghostly cocoons spiders sin webs violent floods

In the village of Sindh, Pakistani, after the catastrophic violent floods in 2010, large numbers of spiders spun webs in the trees line the banks of a submerged farm field, the trees were shrouded by the webs which like strange cocoons.      

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Male or female? That is a question

amazing people androgynous look male famous fashion model Andrej Pejic (1)

Andrej Pejič (Andrej Pejic), 20 years old Austral male fashion model. Born in Tuyla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When he was on the first performance modeling for Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 2011 show, he encountered many questions on his gender, then he modeled for John Galliano, Paul Smith and Raf Simons and has been famous for […]

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The world’s shortest man – Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records worlds shortest man amazing people in world

Junrey Balawing, the man who is about to become "the world’s shortest man." Although he is now 17 years old, his height is as same as a 3-year-old child. Because of this, June 18, after his 18th birthday, with the height of 22 inches (55.88 cm) he will officially become the shortest man in the […]

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Strange white insect

strange weird rare odd unusual bizarre white insect creature (5)

Insect is the most popular and prosperous animal in the world, more than 100 million have been found. Although some insects can adapt to surroundings by changing color, it doesn’t seem so. Did you ever see such strange creature?  

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Can you believe that “she” is a boy

amazing weird odd bizarre shocking astounding cross-dressing cosplay boy pretty girl crazy world (6)

17-year-old cross-dressing boy in Taiwan, Peng Yang, Height 177 cm and weight 55 kg,who is eager for being a woman and prefers clothing associated with the female; By great skills of makeup, he has the ability to transform into a stunning "girl". It’s unexpected that he became a professional model after uploading the self shot […]

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Weird art – tattoo on pig

weird odd strange off the wall bizarre amazing Belgian artist tattoo on pig skin (1)

February 16, Belgian artist WimDelvoye and his partners were in progress tattoo creation. 46-year-old Belgian artist WimDelvoye set up an Arts farm with his partners in Beijing, China, and tattoo on pig’s skin after the anaesthetic. According to reports, these tattoos can be sold up to 100 million Yuan (about $ 152,207). Next Pages

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