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The most creative fashion of Lady Gaga

funny weird crazy cool bizarre interesting top most creative fashion style Lady Gaga photos (28)

She is always the pioneer of the times. If there is no Lady Gaga, we can not imagine such a life in this world; with Lady Gaga, we live in fascination. Here photos are the most creative fashion of Lady Gaga. Did she ever let us fall?!   :) Next Pages

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Old photos of weird artilleries in history

weird amazing cool odd strange funny old unusual artillery mortar gun 3

Artillery in the war played an important role since it was invented, this heavy weapon can cause heavy loss to enemy. Below are the old photos of weird artilleries in history. United States 914 mm Mortar   British Blacker Bombard mortar Russian 58 mm trench mortars. Finland 160 mm mortar German 250 mm heavy mortars […]

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Top 10 hybridization fruits and vegetables

strange amazing weird bizarre odd cool hybridization fruits vegetables yellow watermelon

Now, in the supermarket we can see more and more new hybridization fruits and vegetables. These nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables look a bit strange. 1, Yellow watermelon In appearance it is a common watermelon, but the flesh is bright yellow. This kind of watermelon is the result of crossing normal watermelon and wild watermelon. 2, […]

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World’s coolest weird Buildings

Worlds coolest weird oddity bizarre offbeat creative funny Buildings construction

Beetham Tower (Manchester, UK) The materials of Beetham Tower are Glass and steel, which is the highest construction in Manchester. Fuyuhito (Tokyo, Japan) Japan is smaller than California, but population is equivalent to 40% of the U.S. The house in the photo is only 30 square meters, however, the owner try to make a multi-storey […]

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A strange mud pit


January 20, China’s Zhejiang Province, at a construction plant in Shaoxing City, it suddenly appeared a round mud pit with fire, the diameter of the pit is about 2 meters. It may be caused by the underground methane gas.

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Amazing rocks around the world

amazing funny cool awesome weird strange interesting rare odd Balanced Rocks

China Colorado National Monument This is the well-known Balanced Rock in Colorado, United States   Balanced Rock in Nova Scotia, Canada Birmingham, North Yorkshire, UK The huge rock weighing about 200 tons Next Page

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Weird & Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

Weird bizarre strange crazy Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

The art mart is an annual convention held in Tokyo, 5,500 various kinds artists around the world gathered together to show their own ‘masterpiece’ and ‘high-spirited’ performances. From 1994, this two-day mart is held twice a year (May and November) in Tokyo, Japan, with the purpose of providing a chance for designers around the world. […]

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Best News Photos of National Geographic Magazine 2010

amazing cool great awesome Best News Photos National Geographic Magazine (5)

From the perspective of readers, I have chosen some photos in which you may be interested. Newly discovered exotic species American Geographical Society reaped the greatest harvest during the past decade in an expedition; they found this fish named Mr. Blobby April 2010, in the deep sea of Greenland, there’re 38 species were first discovered. […]

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Amazing photos of culprits 2010

Amazing funny crazy photos of culprits prisoner 2010

Of course, this is not the image edited by Photoshop, he was arrested for pimping. This photo shows his strange cranial, this is the unfortunate consequences of a car accident. How was your neck? How was your head? The dentist did it! Serve a sentence in this way?   The sequel of "Prison Break"? Surprise! […]

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A unicorn milk cow

Unicorns like milk cow grow horn

Unicorns are legendary beasts and nonexistent, but at a village of Baoding City of Hebei Province, China, there is a cow grew a 20 cm long horn on top of its head, and it soon become a local star. Local villagers believe that this is a good omen. Another cow like a unicorn.

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Five world’s most bizarre ice cream, do you dare eat it?

worlds most bizarre odd strange weird Octopus ice cream

Octopus ice cream Japanese produced the octopus ice cream. The dark blue ice cream looks like an octopus; it’s made from various dairy products and octopus. This ice cream made into the shape of an octopus by a special tool. Squid ice cream This ice cream is made of squid and milk. There would be […]

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