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2010 Italian Carnival

2010 Italian Carnival 3

At Carnival, anything goes. During carnival everyone has a dream, even if it is only for a day. The shots of of the 2010 Italian Carnival, some photos are really weird and strange.  

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Pictures of funny and weird plants’ flower

Pictures funny weird plants flower 19

Udumbara flowers According to Buddhist legend, this flower blossoms once every 3,000 years.     The longest cucumber 1.18 meter Mini water melon Only 3cm length Skull flower The corpse flower   Others

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Crazy eggs – egg graffiti art

Crazy eggs graffiti art 23

Often a little bit of imagination, it will let people create amazing creativity. Even only the most common things in daily life, yes, just the eggs, there’re some interesting eggs painted photographs. It originates in creators who love and understand life. Using a pen and a camera, lovely eggs that have been painted. It was […]

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Picture collection of freaking cirrus cloud

Picture collection of freaking cirrus cloud3

Picture collection of cirrus cloud, very strange and beautiful Cirrus – cloud forming wispy filamentous tufted streaks or ‘mare’s tails’ at high altitude (usually 5 to 13 km, 16,500 to 45,000 ft)  

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The strange photos we can’t watch long time

strange photos watch long time7

Fun photos were edited by picture editing programs. I felt a little dizzy after watching these photo graphics.    

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