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Transparent creatures around the world

weird bizarre surprised mysterious amazing transparent creatures nature

The mystery of unpredictable nature and the vitality of the living things on the earth are fully revealed, these transparent creatures are unique and beyond imagination. Next Pages

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Powerful tornado whirled into Dallas and Vossburg

amazed powerful surprising wow great shocking destructive tornado picture (1)

In the afternoon of April 3, two powerful destructive tornadoes swept through Dallas and Vossburg in Texas, USA. As shown in pictures, a trailer was picked up by the tornado and whirled into the air. Via

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The world’s oldest cat

Guinness World Records worlds oldest cat

It’s really an old cat that the kid’s holding, in accordance with the age of cat, it is equivalent to 172-year-old and up to now is the world’s oldest cat. The cat named "Lucy" was born in 1972, the owner is already 63-year-old, and in 1972 one of his relatives gave this new born cat […]

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Super spider that traps snake prey

shocking surprising amazed spider prey snake

Tania Robertson, receptionist of a company in South Africa, shockingly found that an approximately 14 cm long snake was bound in a spider web, soon to be the spider’s meal. Prior to this, that surprising spider had spent two days to spin its powerful web.   Via

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World’s smallest chameleon

surprising rare amazing worlds smallest chameleon reptile

Munich, Germany, scientists recently discovered the world’s smallest chameleon, but also one of the world’s smallest reptile. This mini-chameleon only 3 cm long, and can even stand on the head of the match.

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Paper art with representation of human anatomy

amazed creative weird surprising odd strange bizarre crazy shocking paper art work (3)

Lisa Nilsson, American artist, was born in 1963. In this series of paper art of human anatomy, Lisa used traditional Japanese mulberry paper and gilt edge of some books to create these artworks, each of which starts with a small paper roll, and ultimately has to take several weeks to finish, the wooden box for […]

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A woman said giant artificial breasts saved her life during the accident

weird odd surprising shocking crazy worlds largest biggest breasts save life accident (1)

Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian model and the holder of Guinness World Records of the world’s largest artificial breast, was caught in a traffic accident on 5, who was charged with drunk driving, but she denied the charges and said that its 38KKK giant chest saved her own life in the car accident. At the time […]

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Collection of Lady Gaga 2011

amazed fun crazy shocking bizarre odd surprising weird lady gaga dress clothing (2)

There’s no doubt that Lady Gaga is world’s most famous star of the moment, the unique. Not only her songs, but also shocking dress. Next Pages

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Amazing lobster barbecue

cool unusual amazed surprising lobster barbecue cooking method (2)

Where are the seasonings? Is it delicious in this kind of way of cooking? Via

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Giant dead whale shark was found in Karachi, Pakistan

amazed giant large huge whale shark (5)

Local time on February 7 in Karachi, Pakistan, a 40 ft (12.8 m) dead whale shark was found near the pier. People were trying to use the crane to get this giant whale shark from the water.   Crowd of onlookers formed around the whale shark. Via

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Amazed abstract paintings by animals

amazing funny interesting cool surprising astonishing abstract paintings animals

According to the British "Sun" reported on February 2. You might think that these paintings are abstract or Surrealist works of any master, but you are wrong, which were created by an elephant, a chimpanzee or other animals. London’s Grant Zoological Museum has exhibited these paintings that are from the ‘hands’ of elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas […]

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