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Have you ever seen this in fish mouth?!

weird bizarre shocking surprising sick horrible terrible disgusting creature fish

Looks very disgusting, seems more like an arthropod beetle resembling shrimp than a parasite. What on earth is that?!   Next Pages

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Whale sharks’ free lunch – Amazing underwater photography

amazing surprising amazed great cool awesome wonderful underwater photos Whale sharks

Although not invited, these unbidden guests, whale sharks in Papua Barat in India are still coming. Underwater photographer recorded the scenes of this amazing "buffet". Whale sharks are lured by local fishermen’s nets, most of these nets have holes, which provide “free lunch” opportunities for whale sharks, and they would suck fish from those holes […]

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The world’s biggest lips

bizarre weird odd surprising crazy shocking worlds most plump biggest lips mouth (2)

22-year-old Russian girl Kristina Rei believes she looks ugly and the crux was that her lips were too thin, so, since 17, she has made hundreds of silicone injection and is having the world’s most plump lips. Her idol is Jessica Rabbit in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. Not surprisingly, she has never had a boyfriend […]

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Amazing cool 3D paintings

amazing cool awesome fun interesting surprising amazed excellent great 3D paintings street art

3D painting has developed into a mature form of artistic expression. By light, surroundings and the location of the viewer, people would have particular logic and visual illusion. Awesome painting skills! Next Pages

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Amazing two-legged piglet

amazing surprising awesome impressive cool stunning two legs pig

In Mengcheng, Anhui Province in China, a pig raiser has a two-legged pig which was born with only two front legs, surprisingly; it can "walk" However. According to owner, this piglet’s born in July of this year, because no hind legs from birth, it usually relies on two front legs to move, at present, with […]

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Irish artist decorates arts center with condoms

weird odd strange amazing surprising creative art work exhibition against AIDS (3)

November 23, 2011, at Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris, France, visitors was appreciating Irish artist Bryan Mc Cormack’s work. Inside the building every story is decorated with colorful condoms and it’s as part of a crusade against AIDS. The exhibition will continue until December 5.

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6-year-old Cambodian boy and his amazing friend

amazing horrible different weird odd bizarre cool startling stunning cool pet python (13)

Many children would keep cats or dogs as their pets, surprisingly however, a 6-year-old Cambodian boy’s pet turns out to be a 6.1 m, 120 kg female python! The report went out that from 3 months he had palled up with the python named ‘Lucky’ and, so far, they have been living together up to […]

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An alien was stored in refrigerator for two years by a Russian girl

weird odd strange surprising bizarre russia extraterrestrial alien ufo photos

Russia, Petrozavodsk, an unknown object discovered two years ago was considered an alien and had been stored in the refrigerator for two years. In 2009, a local girl found this body in a crashed UFO, she used plastic film to wrap it and put it in the refrigerator. Currently, whether it’s an alien is still […]

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Incredible cats’ "sharp" tongue

amazing surprising fun magic fantastic amazed cats tongue prickle barb hooked papillae (6)

One of the features of cat’s tongue is that it’s covered with brush-like prickles. Certainly not the same as the hedgehog’s sharp erectile bristles, but more soft hooked papillae, for cat which can help drinking water, licking food and combing its hair, so, lots of hair will be eaten when cats trim or clean fur […]

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The most romantic soldier

weird surprising odd funny interesting cool amazing people man soldier (2)

October 11, in Sirte, the home of Gaddafi, Libyan soldiers were in fierce firefight with Gaddafi’s army, disregard of flying bullets, a man on the battlefield was playing guitar in calm and full of passion, seemed to cheer for his comrade-in-arms.

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Interesting world maps you’ve never seen before in textbooks

funny interesting world map showing distribution woman female bust breast size

This interesting world map showing the distribution of female bust size. In this map, the red represents the size is larger than D cup, orange is D cup, yellow is C cup, blue is B cup, and green is A cup, the whole Russian territory is covered with "red", representing the average size is larger […]

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