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Amazing contest among beekeepers

shocking cool surprising amazing people man beekeeper covered bees contest game

July 16, Hunan province, China, beekeepers from Hunan and Hubei held an surprising contest on a hill that has an altitude of 1400 meters, which attracted more than 3,000 local people watching the game. Finally, villager Wang Dalin, from Yichang City in Hubei Province, who was covered by 26.8 kg bee (270,000 bees) and won […]

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Weird fashion show in 2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo

weird odd strange unusual amazing surprising Spring Fashion Week show bound models Brazil (12)

2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the bound models were showing latest fashions designed by Brazil’s designer Samuel Cirnansck at an unusual fashion show. Watching this weird fashion show, it didn’t give people any impression in vogue, but rather the weird looking of models. Although we can not make sense of where the […]

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Amazing photographer – ‘Shark Shepherd’

crazy cool awesome surprising amazing man photographer shark shepherd close up photographs

52 years old photographer, Jim Abernethy, from Florida, has spent 35 years living with these fearsome predators in their natural habitats and released a book of shark photographs – Sharks Up Close Each year Jim Abernethy spends on average 320 days with sharks and took close-up photos of these underwater beasts in the Bahamas, South […]

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Fantastic incredible art "human flowers"

cool awesome inspiration incredible fantastic art human flowers body painting (3)

Look at these “flowers” … Are you really sure that you’re watching flowers? Watch carefully and get ready to surprise… They are the human body! The gallery shows the world of “human flower”, incredible art! These fantastic visions achieved by human body painted various colors. For such images, it is hard to be not inspired. […]

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World’s weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction

gum house Worlds weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction 2

The house may be the world’s weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction containing about one million pieces of chewed gum. Sits in Seattle City, United States of America, the house is covered from floor to ceiling in countless colorful gum. Although workers twice scraped the wall clean in the past time but eventually had […]

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