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The world’s first dating site for ugly people

dating site for ugly people

The world’s first dating site for ugly people has been launched in the UK .     (TheUglyBugBall dot co dot uk) specifically excludes "anyone who is overtly pretty or attractive". Instead, it accepts only those who "weren’t blessed with great looks,” or, more bluntly, people who have "fallen from the ugly tree and hit every […]

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Plainness penalty – good looks lead to better pay

Birmingham Citys MD Karren Brady left are paid more than Ugly Betty

Plainness penalty:A study of 4,000 young men and women found that beauty boosted pay cheques more than intelligence. Beautiful people, like Birmingham City’s MD Karren Brady (left) are paid more than less attractive colleagues, like Ugly Betty It is a blow for the Ugly Bettys and Plain Janes – research shows that good looks lead […]

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Weird ugly people pictures 3-12-09

a weird ugly people t5 18 These people exist  Part V (27 photos)

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