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Beautiful wine glasses with the simplicity in the design

beautiful elegant cool simple design wine glass cup (5)

Unusual and elegant Calici Caratteriali wine glasses in the simple design by Italian studio Gumdesign that showing the personality and emotions of different people. Conservatore – Conservative Introverso – Introvert   Passionale – Passionate Rilassato – Relaxed Ambiguo – Ambiguous Altruista – Altruistic   Emozionali – Emotional L’estroverso – Extrovert

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Amazing lobster barbecue

cool unusual amazed surprising lobster barbecue cooking method (2)

Where are the seasonings? Is it delicious in this kind of way of cooking? Via

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Giant dead whale shark was found in Karachi, Pakistan

amazed giant large huge whale shark (5)

Local time on February 7 in Karachi, Pakistan, a 40 ft (12.8 m) dead whale shark was found near the pier. People were trying to use the crane to get this giant whale shark from the water.   Crowd of onlookers formed around the whale shark. Via

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"Cappuccino" seashore in Cape Town, South Africa

bizarre unusual rare weird odd strange fun shocking amazing natural phenomenon phenomena foam beach

Always, mysterious nature shocks human in various ways. Recently, people were once again shocked by the nature. At suburb of Cape Town in South Africa, the Sea Point Beach is full of white foam and the sea looks like a large glass of "Cappuccino." It’s reported that the strange bubble is caused by the decay […]

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Amazing photos of insects

amazed unusual amazing cool awesome great wonderful photos insects pictures (1)

Amateur photographer Nicolas Reusens has taken over 100 photos in the past three years, of which not the cute animals, but the amazing and little-known true features of various insects around the world. Via

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How many exceedingly great fishes are there in Mekong?!

shocking amazed cool weird bizarre unusual rare amazing great large huge giant big fish (1)

The number of unusually large fishes living in the Mekong is far more than any place on earth, one of the WWF officials had said so.

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600 Russian cooks completed a sushi roll of 2.5 km long

funny interesting unusual weird bizarre odd strange Guinness World Records sushi roll (1)

December 12, 2011, Russia’s Ekaterinburg, 600 cooks broke the Guinness Book of World Records by making a 2.5-kilometer-long sushi roll.

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spectacle white fog bow across the Arctic sky

amazing unusual spectacular wonderful surprising cool nature weather phenomenon fog bow Arctic

51-year-old Russian photographer Sam Dobson shot the spectacle scene of white fog bow across the Arctic sky when he’s in the Arctic expedition. At that time of midnight, as in the Arctic, it’s still lit. The crew was surprised to see amazing scene in the sky. Fog bow is a kind of weather phenomenon that […]

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Different eco-fashion show

weird funny odd bizarre strange unusual surprising different unique fashion show (2)

Nov. 26, a special eco-fashion show held in Colombia. The most obvious feature of this fashion show is all the inspirational clothes that the models wearing are made of natural organic fiber materials and living plants. It seems that this eco-fashion show is probably to draw attention to the ecological environment protection. Next Pages

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Amazing war of ants

amazing horrible shocking rare unusual ant war battle (6)

Did world war of ant break out?!

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Amazing photos – Frog swallowing fish

surprising startling amazing rare unusual frog eat swallow fish pictures

In general, frogs feed on insects, but some sorts of large frogs can prey on fish, rodents and even birds. These amazing photos of frog swallowing fish are indeed rare.

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