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Anatomy One-piece Swimsuit

unusual-eye-catching-amazing-swimsuit-anatomy (2)

Australian company Black Milk Clothing designed an anatomy-themed one-piece swimsuit named Dem Guts that shows internal organs of a human body.     Source

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Shocking muscular animals

weird odd bizarre crazy shocking horrible strong muscular animals (3)

These strong muscular animals look like the pets from hell; it’s said to be caused by hormonal disorders, crazy…   Next Pages

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Explosive whale

surprising amazed shocking bizarre weird odd whale explosion blowing up (1)

In Taiwan, there’s a dead whale that was used in scientific research exploded in transit, this whale weighing 50 tons, 17 meters long. Three cranes and 50 workers spent 13 hours to load this monster of great size to the trailer. The whale was found dead on the beach and ready to be sent to […]

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Amazing works of art made of vegetables and fruits

funny interesting amazing creative surprising art works vegetables fruits (3)

You may have a try with these common raw materials and share with us. Next Pages

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Surprising body painting on Denver Fashion Weekend


Denver’s makeup artist Katelyn Simkins’ carousel-style body painting works became the focus of Denver Fashion Weekend. Via

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Paper art with representation of human anatomy

amazed creative weird surprising odd strange bizarre crazy shocking paper art work (3)

Lisa Nilsson, American artist, was born in 1963. In this series of paper art of human anatomy, Lisa used traditional Japanese mulberry paper and gilt edge of some books to create these artworks, each of which starts with a small paper roll, and ultimately has to take several weeks to finish, the wooden box for […]

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A woman said giant artificial breasts saved her life during the accident

weird odd surprising shocking crazy worlds largest biggest breasts save life accident (1)

Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian model and the holder of Guinness World Records of the world’s largest artificial breast, was caught in a traffic accident on 5, who was charged with drunk driving, but she denied the charges and said that its 38KKK giant chest saved her own life in the car accident. At the time […]

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"Cappuccino" seashore in Cape Town, South Africa

bizarre unusual rare weird odd strange fun shocking amazing natural phenomenon phenomena foam beach

Always, mysterious nature shocks human in various ways. Recently, people were once again shocked by the nature. At suburb of Cape Town in South Africa, the Sea Point Beach is full of white foam and the sea looks like a large glass of "Cappuccino." It’s reported that the strange bubble is caused by the decay […]

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How many exceedingly great fishes are there in Mekong?!

shocking amazed cool weird bizarre unusual rare amazing great large huge giant big fish (1)

The number of unusually large fishes living in the Mekong is far more than any place on earth, one of the WWF officials had said so.

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Rare giant insects

amazing incredible weird odd bizarre rare shocking big giant large huge insects (9)

Are you interested in keeping one of them as own unique pet?  

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Amazing sculpture of yoga

amazed surprising weird odd bizarre strange unusual yoga sculpture art work (2)

When people first see this work, surely can’t make sense of what the meaning of that. In fact, this is actually a sculpture of yoga created by artist Katie Grinnan using marine sand, which represents a complete slow motion of yoga. Really great difficulties in understanding it…  

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