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Poor drunk girl – freaking cool funny weird

girl drunk freaking cool funny weird12

Poor girls, they drank themself into a stupor, why they drink so much alcohol? Probably drinking themself to death. Something drove them to drink so much, too happy or too sad? In order to cut down drinking, good-tasting alternatives with less alcohol is a good way. Here is Series 2        

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Funny Pictures of Barack Obama

president barack obama smoking

Some funny pictures of barack obama, include Barack Obama smoking picture, Obama family  and their pet dog – Bo ( it has become a tradition that each American president will have some kind of dog while in office. Eventually, a Portuguese water dog was settled on)

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Bizarre enough pictures

Bizarre enough1


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Vampire Cafe

vampire care Ginza tokyo japan 1

Thought of a unique honeymoon? You can try to go to the Vampire Cafe, you will be hooked by the detail of the cafe.  It locates at Tokyo Ginza block.

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Top Ten Bizarre Pairs of Underwear

iPhone Panties

1. iPhone Panties This pair of underwear is just the right pair for the iPhone lovers out there. They even have the words “Slide to Unlock” on them. This could be enticing to the right person. 2. Chopstick Bra Triumph International Japan has come up with a bra that is eco-friendly and it promises cleavage. […]

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Some shocking and bizarre facial mask means

nightingale droppings

A facial mask means derived from geisha of Japan is popular in the United States. Mask contains a natural enzyme in nightingale droppings, it is said it’s able to remove the necrotic skin cells. It is reported that most of geisha are flashy makeup, and the lead in cosmetic damage to the skin, they take […]

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A top10 list of superstitious names follows

A top10 list of superstitious names follows

  1) Damien 90pct 2) Myra 83 pct 3) Carrie 76pct 4) Rosemary 73pct 5) Judas 69pct 6) Adolf 65pct 7) Pandora 63pct 8) Regan 60pct 9) Samara 50pct 10) Boris 41pct     Damien, Myra and Carrie are Britain’s most feared and mistrustednames due to superstitious and dark associations, according to a survey on Monday. […]

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The oddest services around the world

2 Japanese macaques were employed

2 Japanese macaques were employed by a Japanese Utsunomiya’s dining room Kayabuki. One was 12 the 12-year-old Fuku, and the other was the 4-year-old Yat. These two monkeys work every day for 2 hours (Japanese animal rights and interests rule stipulation). They are putting on the the specially-made uniform, delivering the hot towel or the […]

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The weirdest animals on earth

the weirdest animals on earth9

Leafy seadragons are covered with leaf-like appendages, making them remarkably camouflaged. Found in Australia, they inhabit calm, cold water and have been protected by the government since 1982 The Indian gharial is a critically endangered species and one of the longest of all living crocodilians, sometimes measuring over 20 feet Hairy frogfish walk along the […]

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Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary

Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary 11

Performers of Canada’s world famous Cirque du Soleil show jujitsu in Los Angeles to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Found in 1984 by a group of street artists in Canada, Cirque du Soleil has about 3800 staff from more than 40 countries by now and has performed in nearly 100 cities, attracting tens of millions of […]

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Nine alien planet like places in the world

the Dry Valleys of Antarctica4

1, the Dry Valleys of Antarctica Antarctica’s Dry Valleys in Victoria Land west of McMurdo, their barren gravel scattered on the ground, is considered the most similar place on Earth where the alien Planet. Its charming scenery, located in Victoria Land to the west of McMurdo Sound, where almost no snow, but except for a […]

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