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Delicious Weapon – Funny Ice Pistol

weird fun interesting odd bizarre icecream ice gun pistol

Of course, these people don’t wanna commit suicide, they are tasting interesting food called ice gun! From German, Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth created this ice gun in 2003, and they have done a lot of kinds of ice gun, which are mostly made from the juice, licorice, cherries and food coloring, etc.

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Funny Miss False Beard

amazing funny interesting fake false beard girls ladies (2)

Recently, the annual Miss False Beard was held in Pennsylvania, USA. The ladies wearing false beard were vividly playing various roles.  

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Love between Human Being & Skeleton

weird odd strange bizarre fashion photograph beauty ghost skeleton

Weird fashion photograph… Living beauty and dead lady-killer? Can you make sense of what it is meaning?  

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Bizarre and funny soap

funny interesting weird bizarre odd strange surprising creative soap design (9)

At least some of which I don’t get the guts to use.

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Fancier than Harry Potter

funny interesting cool weird odd strange unique bizarre lol awesome take picture photograph post

Oregon, USA, suspended in the air and leisurely sleeping, ​​a 14-year-old boy assumed such particular posture to take pictures. Nowadays, it’s popular that taking pictures in weird or funny pose, really impressive.

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When men looking after children

weird amazing crazy lol amusing funny hilarious men looking after children kid baby (6)

What a shocking way when a man is looking after children!   Next Page

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An amazing cat with two-headed

amazing shocking weird odd bizarre mutation animals cat two head Guinness World Records (3)

An amazing cat in Massachusetts has two mouths, two noses and three eyes on its face. The probability of such mutation is only one in a million. With the good care of the owner, the cat’s vitality is extremely tenacious, and now, it’s celebrating its 12-year-old’s birthday, not only being a TV star, recently but […]

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Amazing people – Only in India

amazing shocking cool wow weird odd bizarre surprising fun people indian pictures only in india (1)

Surprising photos, I’m at a loss what to say… I’m very surprised how he can breathe.  

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Frightening ‘Devil Bat’

fearful amazing horrible weird bizarre rare devil evil blood vampire bat

Unlike most other bats, is it a variety of carnivorous bat or a new species?

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Shocking ‘Real-life’ of Barbie dolls

weird funny amazing odd bizarre strange unusual Barbie doll girls photography

Mariel Clayton, American photographer, focused on the scenery photography of doll, with Barbie girl as protagonist to shoot various scenes for imitating famous paintings, crime scenes, etc. In Mariel Clayton’s website he says he can hardly explain such ideas and don’t know where these ideas come from. He firstly engaged in travel photography, but occasionally […]

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Amazing hotel in Japan only services the dead

weird bizarre odd strange unique Japan hotel offer service the deceased dead (3)

In Yokohama, Japan, recently there’s a unique hotel which looked as similar as an ordinary hotel in the appearance, however, it only services the dead. Because in Japan the deceased has to line up to wait for cremation at crematorium and it will take around four days, so this hotel has eyes on this market […]

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