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Incredible headless chicken named Mike had lived for 18 months

amazing incredible unbelievable wow weird bizarre headless chicken rooster cock mike (5)

September 10, 1945, a farmer in Colorado’s Fruita, Lloyd Olsen, prepared a dinner for his mother-in-law, his wife took a rooster of five months and a half for dish, as his mother-in-law liked eating chicken neck, accidentally, a ear and most of the brainstem were left when he’s beheading the cock. Without head, the reaction […]

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Amazing people who with unique stunts

amazing cool wow awesome shocking weird bizarre surprising odd people stunt skills

Some of which are dangerous, don’t imitate them.   Next Pages

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Weird fish with human-like teeth

weird odd bizarre strange shocking surprising horrible amazing fish human like teeth

Don’t know what species of this ugly strange fish, and the weirdest is that it has human-like teeth and seems both horrible and ridiculous, do you what the fish is?

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Weirdest sleeping bags

weird odd strange funny creative cool awesome interesting sleeping bag design (2)

At least one-third the time of one’s life is occupied by sleep, the quality of which determines the quality of a person’s life, in order to have better sleep,  talented designers create a variety of sleeping bags for these sleepy people, as far as the following design works are concerned, however, my personal idea – […]

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Weird "Desert Circles" in China

spectacular mysterious strange odd weird bizarre huge big China desert circles wonder

Speaking of strange circles, the first that comes to mind is various strange ‘Crop Circles’. Allegedly, ‘Crop Circles’ as a means of communication between alien civilization and the Earth, which has a long history of mystery and also has a lot of alien enthusiasts following and researching. Recently, at Delingha region in China’s Qinghai Province, […]

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The Côte d’Ivoire’s "Magic Corps" without fear of bullets

weird bizarre amazing people man magic legion corps army traditional hunters africa avoid bullets

July 25, 1600 traditional hunters from northern Côte d’Ivoire were gathering in Abidjan to celebrate the advent of peace. Most of them support the incumbent president, Alassane Ouattara, for whom they battled. These hunters who inherit ancient customs are referred to as "Dozo". They believe that the clothes or some accessories they wear have the […]

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Amazing girl – Alexandra Nilsson

From Sweden, Alexandra Nilsson, whose nickname is Kissie, she is a Swedish network star in her own conceit, in order to acquire fame, 20, she has done plastic surgery 12 times, including the chest, lips, nose, ears and other parts, to make her look like a Barbie doll. Her blog was created in 2007, almost […]

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Amazing exhibition of deformed animals

amazing weird odd bizarre rare strange surprising deformed exhibition stuffed animals specimens

July 19, 2011, the deformed animal exhibition was held in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, which including some animal specimens.  

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Mysterious and terrible witchcraft market in Mexico

mysterious weird bizarre odd strange freaky creepy wizard witch witchcraft market place (8)

Russia’s "Pravda" once selected top ten most terrible places in the world, the witchcraft market in Mexico’s Sonora is one of those, where witches are sitting by the small booths and tout pedestrians – as long as $ 10 that will make the buyers the pain because of poverty or infidelity go away. Witchcraft market […]

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Travel to the ends of the world – Black beaches in Iceland

weird odd strange surprising rare unusual mysterious exotic iceland black sand beach exoplanet (10)

In the southernmost point of the Iceland, near a small town named Vik, there’s a mysterious black sand beaches, often film crews here find view to shoot for sci-fi themes movies. The "sand" of Iceland’s black beaches is actually granular volcanic lava free of mud, dust or other impurities. Next Pages

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Amazing dance girl who performing on an airborne plane’s wing


July 24, 2011, Newcastle in UK, amazing 21-year-old British girl, Charlotte Voce, was in her unique training of "dance on the wing."

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