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How to protect the skin when swimming

During the hot summer months, want to swim without getting a sunburn by overexposure to the sun, you should try this set of swimwear!

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Amazing people in campus

amazing crazy funny amusing freaky weird odd wacky prankster students guys school campus (16)

The campus life is always very wonderful and excited, which is to be treasured, miss the old days on the campus… Next Pages

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Jellyfish invasion in many countries worldwide that interfered with nuclear power plant operation

unusual strange amazing weird jellyfish surge world nuclear power plant global climate change (1)

On July 5 in Hadera, port city in Israel, workers were removing large numbers of jellyfish in the water near the nuclear power plant. Recently, the phenomena of surging jellyfish occurred around the world, in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Israel and other places, jellyfish interfered with nuclear power plants running and scared seaside […]

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Interesting pictures which deceive your eyes

fun interesting weird bizarre unusual amazing cool pictures images deceive cheat eyes (8)

Amazing images lead to a false or deceptive visual impression. Next Pages

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Amazing hairdresser’s tool

amazing funny interesting weird odd unusual offbeat special barber cut hair sickle (10)

In the mountains in Guizhou Province, China, there’s a very special minority – Bia Sha Miao nation. At the wedding, after the celebrating with gunfire, the mountain village’s elder will cut groom’s hair with an important tool in their daily life – sickle. Pretty Tourist Guide   Local Restaurant

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Weird treatment in Indonesia

weird odd bizarre strange superstition Indonesia medical treatment cure disease

July 13, residents of the province of West Java, Indonesia, lying on the tracks, they believe the current through the rails can help people heal various diseases.

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Mermaids really exist?!

amazing weird fun true bizarre dead body Corpse of Mermaid beach sea photo (5)

Corpse of Mermaid?! Looks very realistic, unlike the computer-generated imagery, may be the photographs of professional model.  

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Amazing people – ‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest and Jac Jagaciak

amazing people weird bizarre Zombie Boy Rick Genest famous model Jac Jagaciak photographs

Recently, the 16-year-old international famous model Jac Jagaciak and "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest taken photographs together, there is no terror, no discomfort, that we see is an emotion, a romantic and eccentric sadness. It may possibly be so…

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Weird fashion show in 2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo

weird odd strange unusual amazing surprising Spring Fashion Week show bound models Brazil (12)

2011-2012 Spring Fashion Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the bound models were showing latest fashions designed by Brazil’s designer Samuel Cirnansck at an unusual fashion show. Watching this weird fashion show, it didn’t give people any impression in vogue, but rather the weird looking of models. Although we can not make sense of where the […]

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Amazing magic specimens created by Japanese artist

weird odd amazing shocking real spirits fairy biological specimens myths fable (3)

A Japanese artist took bio-anatomy as the base to create these very distinctive biological specimens, which incredibly depict the amazing world of myths and fables. First time watching these vivid specimens, we can actually feel the shocking reality, as if a few centuries ago, such creatures really once existed.   Next Pages

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Images of alien in human’s imagination

weird cool shocking odd bizarre amazing alien imagination future earth images pictures photos

The humanity’s imagination of alien can be divided into many different species: human type with robust muscular body-build, Zerg monsters, modern iron and steel type, etc. Since nobody has ever seen aliens, are these figures based on forecasting of our future world? Are these aliens the human beings in the future? Whether the combination of […]

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