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The weirdest animals on earth

the weirdest animals on earth9

Leafy seadragons are covered with leaf-like appendages, making them remarkably camouflaged. Found in Australia, they inhabit calm, cold water and have been protected by the government since 1982 The Indian gharial is a critically endangered species and one of the longest of all living crocodilians, sometimes measuring over 20 feet Hairy frogfish walk along the […]

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Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary

Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary 11

Performers of Canada’s world famous Cirque du Soleil show jujitsu in Los Angeles to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Found in 1984 by a group of street artists in Canada, Cirque du Soleil has about 3800 staff from more than 40 countries by now and has performed in nearly 100 cities, attracting tens of millions of […]

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Nine alien planet like places in the world

the Dry Valleys of Antarctica4

1, the Dry Valleys of Antarctica Antarctica’s Dry Valleys in Victoria Land west of McMurdo, their barren gravel scattered on the ground, is considered the most similar place on Earth where the alien Planet. Its charming scenery, located in Victoria Land to the west of McMurdo Sound, where almost no snow, but except for a […]

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Another 5 Hilarious Gadgets You Wont Believe Exist o

Instant Macho Necklaces If you are not men enough, let Solo Man Bib turn you into one. “The Solo Man Bib is a hilarious ad campaign by Solo, the real man thirst crusher, that invites men to go back to being REAL men. Solo is an Australian carbonated lemon-flavored soft drink manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes. […]

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