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World Testicle Cooking Championship – Dare you eat?!

In Serbia, the 7th "World Testicle Cooking Championship", participating chefs show their cuisine talents by using cattle, swine, camels and kangaroos and other animals’ testicles, including testis pizza, testis stew, vanilla white sauce testis and so on. The cooking material is the animals’ testicle and it is known as "white kidneys" by local people, testicles […]

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Gallery of Pumpkin Faces

creative odd weird original jack-o-lantern pumpkin faces lanterns for Halloween (6)

The Jack-O’-Lantern is the symbol of Halloween. If you wanna make a Halloween lantern, you firstly have to gouge out the inside of a pumpkin, before you create your original masterpiece, look at these creative pumpkin faces below, you can derive the inspiration from them and make your own special pumpkin lanterns for Halloween.   […]

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World’s weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction

gum house Worlds weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction 2

The house may be the world’s weirdest and second most unhygienic tourist attraction containing about one million pieces of chewed gum. Sits in Seattle City, United States of America, the house is covered from floor to ceiling in countless colorful gum. Although workers twice scraped the wall clean in the past time but eventually had […]

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The best meaning creative advertising, you know Why?

funny commercials the best cool awesome great meaning creative advertising (18)

Advertising want to attract attention and be remembered by audience, the most important thing is creativity. The ads below are considered a model of creative advertising, but they are very profound meaning, not so easy to understand it, can you know Why? I love this advertisement of electric torch.      Thinking big, but not […]

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Bungee wedding

creative cool bungee wedding ceremony

Jeroen and Sandra Kippers, from Brussels, Belgium, were the world’s 1st couple to get married 50 meters above the ground. The bride, groom and celebrant are hoisted up on the enormous crane – accompanied by some 20 guests, strapped into chairs – with their legs dangling mid-air. A second platform – hosting an orchestra and […]

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The world’s top 10 fattest animals

The worlds top 10 fattest obesity animals monkey

British media recently released a group of photos entitled "The world’s top 10 fattest animals". The photos of British "The Sun" show the daily life unusual obesity pigeon, squirrel, ape, etc. These guys eating a certain number of alarming statements, The diet bill of these guys must be very shocking, if the animals of the […]

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UFO sightings were reported at HongKong during intense storms

UFO sightings were reported at HongKong during the fierce storm 3

   According to Radio Television Hong Kong, the Observatory received so many phone calls from citizens just while in the first hour after midnight on Thurs night claiming to see UFOs while in the fierce storm near Tai Lam Tunnel, Wanchai and Happy Velley districts of the City. The Observatory of Hong Kong captured 13,102 […]

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Strange and funny design of helmet

creative design strange funny motorcycle helmet (1)

The design a great and enjoyable work for people, innovation and creativity will always bring us an unexpected unique sensory experience. As this group of motorcycle helmet, strange and interesting design creates different visual experience.  

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The world’s first dating site for ugly people

dating site for ugly people

The world’s first dating site for ugly people has been launched in the UK .     (TheUglyBugBall dot co dot uk) specifically excludes "anyone who is overtly pretty or attractive". Instead, it accepts only those who "weren’t blessed with great looks,” or, more bluntly, people who have "fallen from the ugly tree and hit every […]

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What animals can be vehicle except horse

funny amazing old photos driving_animals_vehicle (6)

In the days before automobiles everyone used horses, before the railway came up into being, a four-horse coach was a popular means of transportation, however, what animals can be vehicle except horse…the following old photos will tell you what can be ridden.  

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Online anger-release store

anger-release store

Online anger-release "stores" have turn out to be extremely common with youthful netizens, as store managers are compensated to listen to complaints, confidential secrets and even scoldings from customers. "I was inspired by my female close friends who like to confide their troubles about family, study and work. I prefer to telephone call my shop […]

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