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Sweet gun

original cool funny pictures of ice cream freeze gun 3

No need to be shocking, they’re not in suicide, ‘guns’ in their hands are designed by two German artists Valentin Beinroth and Florian Jenett, the main raw material is water, just a ice cream pistol, of course, which added some color cream or something. Awesome and funny.  

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The coffin of African

extreme funny creative coffin of African (2)

Even death is so creative, death is not terrible, it can be humorous.  

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The world’s creepiest robot?

worlds creepiest robot Telenoid R1 Japanese inventor

  Is this the world’s creepiest robot? Japanese inventor develops the bald, legless Telenoid R1. Its pale torso is about the size of a small child, it has no legs and just stumps for arms.      Hiroshi Ishiguro with his latest invention, the Telenoid R1, which he says can transmit the presence of a […]

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Surrealistic Robot Beauty

creative_pictures_surrealistic robot beauty digital artworks

High-tech, machinery and beauty – three elements combined into one, and now,  please enjoy surrealistic digital artworks from Benedict Campbell. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)         

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Shocking Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week shocking models new aesthetic fashion (5)

July 9, Berlin Fashion Week, designer Patrick Mohr introduced the new aesthetic fashion, the beautiful female models were all bald and long beards, very shocking!    

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Dazzling & glamorous body painting

cool amazing Dazzling glamorous body painting art (2)

July 16 – July 18, 2010, Carinthia in southern Austria, Seeboden, models show body painting works. Dazzling glamorous body painting make this summer even hotter.   

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Creepy “hand”

creepy soap hand design 4

Hanging in the bathroom ceiling, it is estimated that is not a good idea,somebody will be scared in the night, do you know what’s this? A bar of soap!  

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Top 13 ugliest animals around the world

worlds ugliest animals drop fish Psychrolutes marcidus

The scientific name of drop-fish is Psychrolutes marcidus, mainly living in deep water along the coast of Australia and Tasmania which are rarely found by humans.   The appearance of warthog is very much like a synthesis of toad, pig, and rhinoceros. Living on the African savannah, the warthog is not dangerous to humans, its […]

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Creative graphic design of ABC

Creative graphic design of ABC Digital 3

Creative graphic design of ABC Digital, although this type of concept has been cloned numerous times, but the effect is undeniably quite good.

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Spoof series – handsome cool guy

spoof handsome cool guy extreme funny amazing  (7)

Really cool and handsome, nose rings, pierced ears, bracelets, fully equipped, awesome!      

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Guinness World Record “The world’s largest boob” may lose her breasts

Guinness record worlds largest boob may lose her breasts (10)

The woman of "World’s No. 1 Man-made Boob" who possession of amazing 38KKK cup may lose her breasts! According to British media reports, since 2002, Houston, Texas woman Sheila Hershey, has received more than 30 breast augmentation surgeries, recently, breast augmentation surgery occurred complications, breasts infected with deadly bacteria, almost died. Hershey was born in […]

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