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Funny film images under the function of the image processing software

extreme funny_movies_photoshop_editing (1)

Now the film needs to do image editing processing, but the below images using software Photoshop are just for funny.

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Beauty contest of Bulldog

cute pictures of Beauty contest of Bulldog (1)

Bulldog – Any of a breed of short-haired dog characterized by a large head, strong, square jaws with dewlaps, under hung jaw, undershot, and a stocky body. It was originally bred for bull baiting. Who will crown winner of a "Beautiful Bulldog" contest?

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Super weird motorcycle

Super weird motorcycle funny_cool_bike_ (2)

The major structure of the motorcycle are made of three huge beer barrel, I associate designer with a guy of strong love of beer. Look at the motor driver; be careful not to lose balance!  

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Stubborn tree & bad luck house

funny_Stubborn tree bad luck house crane 5

Santa Rosa, this California town can not just Intel’s darling, this tree seems to love it, and refuse to leave, even using the crane, it is said that "dogs fight play off," but the house is really bad luck, fortunately no injuries.   

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Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures

Extreme funny crazy overloading pictures (25)

"Hey, sir, you overload, rated 3 persons of the small PICK-UP car you installed 50 people plus a pig," of course, with the following overloading picture, this is trivial, take a look at these ridiculous pictures of overloading.  

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World’s first zero star hotel

worlds first zero star hotel Swiss Null Stern (12)

Sevelen, Swiss, Null Stern Hotel, recently this underground hotel also had a new title, world’s first zero star hotel, the hotel was rebuilt from a underground nuclear bunker which does not have television, bathroom, also does not have Diurnal variation, price is 6-18 euros every night. Recently Null Stern Hotel has welcomed its first group […]

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Would you prefer Stephanie Germanotta or Lady Gaga?

Stephanie Germanotta or Lady Gaga (25)

There is no doubt that Lady Gaga absolutely is the hottest female pop star, of course, the fashion avant-garde. Below are the pictures of Stephanie Germanotta before she became Lady Gaga.    

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Oh, my Lady Gaga, you never let us down!

extreme funny pictures of lady_gaga_cool pics 1 (1)

Sometimes her attire truly may let you shock, of course, that’s why she is Lady Gaga.

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Creative print ads of Orbit gum

funny commercials orbit_creative_advertisement_1

Funny commercials of Orbit chewing gum, believe your eyes will not see such a disgusting scene.

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Amazing crazy photos of wedding

Amazing crazy pictures of wedding_extreme funny unique 48

These crazy guys how to make wedding become so unique and funny. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)  

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Korean funny cartoons pictures

Korean funny cartoons pictures 4

Funny cartoon pictures from Korea. (Click the thumbnail to view large size pictures) Newsflash! A middle aged man in woemn’s underwear was struck by a ray from a UFO while standing on an apartment roof! …

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