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Wow! A totally awesome carrot – hilarious picture

funny carrot5

A funny carrot, what do you think of that?     

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Top 10 WTF of Lady GaGa in 2009

Top 10 of Lady GaGa 1

1.Transparent bubbles clothing. The clothing no one can control it but GAGA 2. Aliens really exist 3. Superwomen 4. She is the Queen, I am also! 5. Vampire 6. A small elk arrived on the earth instead of Santa Claus 7. Cookie or button? 8. Cotton candy with blueberry added 9. So…what should I say. […]

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Do you accept such "Robot Girlfriend"?

Robot Girlfriend2

Adult products show in Las Vegas, United States. “Real Partner” company inventor Doug Hines showed a sexy body and high simulation beauty robot. The company said, according to the market feedback and demand, next they will improve and upgrade the products, and release of the new product – series of “Robot Boyfriend”. Standard version of […]

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Top Ten weird two-headed animals

weird two-headed animals cat

The following 10 kinds of the bizarre two-headed animals are not the evolution of species, they are mostly a product of genetic mutation. 1. Two-headed cat This gray kitten born at Swan veterinary clinic, Perth, Australia. Mother cat gave birth to a total of three kittens. However, the other two kittens are natural. According to […]

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These pictures make you laugh the whole evening

laugh the whole evening2

Thess pictures are so funny, make me laugh for a long time, and I check it several times, try to find traces of photoshop treated, of course, found nothing

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Wearing such shoes is tragic – WTF

Freaking weird shoes design WTF enough6

Terror, can’t imagine , just like instruments of torture. There’s no aesthetic feeling, just weird ,odd and offbeat. Non-human masterpiece! The fashion designers arbitrarily show their so-called inspiration (freaking inspiration), refuse to take into consideration the body damage of model.                 

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Poor drunk girl – freaking cool funny weird Series 2


Here’s series 2 of drunk girls pictures. Here is Series 1

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Craziest Tattoo – Eyeball Tattooing

Craziest Tattoo - Eyeball Tattooing3

It’s horrible and crazy! Do not imitate him!   According to a report, tattoo expert inserted indelible ink into Pauly’s Eyeball. This special ink mixed with antibiotic eye drops to prevent eye infection. Pauly Unstoppable said, "…I have to stress that people should not attempt this dangerous operation …."  

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The Strongest Woman Of The World!?


  Is this a women? The female component of competitive bodybuilding began in the late 1970s, women began to take part in bodybuilding competitions. Irene was born in Denmark in 1966, she moved to Sweden at the age of 2 with parents. Irene spent most of time in gym, worked hard in bodybuilding, for the […]

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Latest mode hair style

weird hair style1

Is this the latest fashionable hairstyle?

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Poor drunk girl – freaking cool funny weird

girl drunk freaking cool funny weird12

Poor girls, they drank themself into a stupor, why they drink so much alcohol? Probably drinking themself to death. Something drove them to drink so much, too happy or too sad? In order to cut down drinking, good-tasting alternatives with less alcohol is a good way. Here is Series 2        

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