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Spectacular photos of storm in Russia

amazing cool spectacular nature phenomenon storm pictures (4)

Amazing photos of storm captured by Russian Oleg Ivanov, an amateur photographer. On the scene the photographer took these spectacular pictures at Baltiysk beach close to the border with Poland on the north-west Russian coast.

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Cool pictures of lava

Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano Photography

Lava, the rock in its molten form when magma reaches the surface, issues from volcanic export or crust cracks, the general temperature range between 700 degrees to 1200 degrees Celsius, although the viscosity of lava is 100,000 times that of water, it can also flow a few miles outside then become igneous rock when cooling […]

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Close to the edge of the precipice to appreciate spectacular waterfall

brave crazy amazing people extreme sports canoeing Drift

Recently, a photographer was doing aerial shot by helicopter around the Victoria Falls in Africa, suddenly he found that there’re three bold canoeing enthusiasts were approaching the edge of the cliff, and then stopped at the top of bare rock, along the current of the waterfall appreciating the spectacular scene of the world’s largest waterfall […]

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Standing on it and shout – I’m the king of the world!

famous wonderful awesome wow exciting Scenery travel tour wonder Trolltunga (9)

Trolltunga is located at Skjeggedal Canyon in Odda, Norway, this amazing rock looks like a giant’s tongue. Standing on it, as if soaring aloft, its infinite charm has been attracting a large number of tourists taking a photo there as a memento. One day you may be there and shout ‘I’m the king of the […]

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Spectacular underwater photos of whale preying on sardines

cool amazing spectacular impressive exciting wonder underwater photo pictures (4)

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on April 9, brave underwater photographer Doug Perrine and his companion Brandon Cole in Mexican waters underwater close photographed the spectacular scenes that a Bryde’s whale about 15 meters long was preying on shoal of sardines.   Via

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The world’s longest steel truss girder suspension bridge

amazing spectacular wonder cool amazed longest bridge (6)

China, Aizhai Bridge, connecting Changsha and Chongqing, began in October 2007, across the Grand Canyon of Deben with the span of 1176m. It’s currently the world’s longest steel truss girder suspension bridge across canyon. March 25, 2012, the aerial panorama of the bridge.

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Photograph of the world’s most active volcano taken at close range

amazing cool wonderful spectacular beautiful volcano magma lava eurpting photo pictures (1)

British "Daily Mail" reported on March 28, Miles Morgan, a professional photographer who specializes in volcano in Hawaii shot Kilauea volcano at close quarters. Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, Miles Morgan set up a tripod very close to the volcano and was taking stunning pictures while it was erupting violently.

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Sea or desert?!

amazing wow Bewitchingly beautiful scene wonder landscape sigh ocean desert sand (6)

Bewitchingly beautiful scene, I hope to have the opportunity to be there. :) Next Pages

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The world’s highest waterfall – Spectacular Angel Falls

spectacular wonderful great highest waterfall Salto Angel Falls Salto Churun Meru (2)

Angel Falls (Salto Angel, Salto Churun Meru) is located in the deep forests of large plateau in the Venezuela and Guyana, torrents of Rio Churun from the Auyan-tepui mountain (the Auyantepui mountain) rush down the cliff and make a sheer drop of 979.6 m, about 18 times the height of Niagara Falls.  

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Amazing beautiful landscape photos

great awesome most amazing beautiful landscape scenery sight wonder photo pictures

The magic of nature, creating incredibly magical and beautiful scenery on Earth, there are more unknown adventures waiting for exploration by human beings. Next Pages

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Amazing ‘ice world’ underwater

surprising beautiful amazing cool awesome diving underwater photography ice world wonder

Diving photographer Franco Banfi at Lake Sassolo in Ticino, Switzerland took a group of photos revealing a beautiful and amazing "ice world." Lake Sassolo is located in southern Switzerland, adjacent to Italy. Source

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