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Amazing farm with unique geography

amazing cool spectacular wonder landscape unique hill mountain farm (2)

In Bolzano, Italy, a unusual farm sits on the side of the mountain. Farmers daily labor on the slopes and at the end of it is cliff.  

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Spectacular photos of submarine volcanic eruptions captured by brave photographers

cool awesome spectacular submarine volcanic eruptions wonder photos pictures (5)

Tongatapu, the place where submarine volcano was erupting. Tongatapu (Tongataboo) group is in the south of the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific, land area of 464 square kilometers, the main island of which is Tongatapu Island (area 257 square kilometers), is also the largest island of Tonga.       

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Spectacular view of flocks

spectacular impressive amazing interesting inspiring awesome wonderful bird flocks

Yearly from late autumn to early spring, over the Gretna Green in Scotland, you can enjoy the magic birds’ flight performance. Every year after a long flight from their habitat in Russia or Scandinavia they will be there for winter, tens of thousands of flocks of birds flying in the sky to compose a variety […]

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Spectacular undersea sculpture museum in Mexico

Spectacular wonder amazing cool sea floor bed undersea sculptures museum Mexico (8)

Its purpose is to divert tourists’ attention from natural coral reefs so that they will be interested in these sculptures. According to statistics, nearly 750,000 visitors each year visit the local coral reefs. These life-size sculptures are from the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, which are placed in the Caribbean sea and cover an area […]

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Grand shrine in Mecca

Kaaba Grand spectacular sacred Muslims pilgrim shrine hajj praying in Mecca Saudi Arabia (1)

August 16, at Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the holiest city of Islam, where Muslims gathered during Ramadan performing the hajj, having an unprecedent grand occasion. Kaaba (Caaba) is a black stone shaped like a cube building in Mecca and is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine; hundreds of millions of Muslims turn in its direction […]

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The world’s largest cave discovered since the beginning of recorded history ever

spectacular amazing cool enormous huge largest cave in world discovery wonder Vietnam

Vietnam’s "Hang Son Doong" cave is considered the world’s largest cave which is ever discovered. The photo shows the deep of the passage. In 2009, a joint cave exploration team of the United Kingdom and Vietnam in the Vietnam jungle found an amazing cave; they claimed that the cave may be the largest Cave Passage […]

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Top ten most beautiful flowers in the world

top 10 worlds most stunning beautiful nice famous flowers field garden wonder (8)

The wave of flowers Provence lavender garden Hokkaido flowers Dutch tulip flowers Bulgarian Rose Garden Next Pages

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Spectacular underground drainage system in Japan

amazing spectacular grand japan drainage system construction building wonder pictures

July 1, people were visiting a large underground drainage system in Japan. A huge reservoir which is 177 meters long and 78 meters wide. Along the State Road 16 at Kasukabe City in Saitama Prefecture, about 50 meters underground, there’s a drainage system built by Japan’s advanced civil and construction engineering technology. River floods of […]

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Beautiful advection fog phenomenon in China

beautiful nice amazing thick dense advection fog phenomenon wonder fairyland paradise on earth (1)

June 9, there’s advection fog phenomenon happened at Yantai City in Shandong Province, China, building was wrapped by thick fog, giving a sense of a fairyland on earth. Advection fog is natural phenomenon that formed from the condensation of water vapor when warm and wet air flow moves to land or water. In the appropriate […]

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Amazing erupting photos of Iceland’s Grimsvotn

amazing spectacular pictures Iceland Grimsvotn volcano erupt volcanic ash lightning photos (5)

Southeast Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano has erupted and lots of volcanic ash in the air, which severely infects the airline industry of European countries including Britain. There’re about 500 flights were canceled and thousands of passengers stranded in the airport.  

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The world’s most beautiful cliff

amazing cool awesome spectacular wonder Preikestolen Lysefjord Ryfylke Norway cliff_ (16)

The Lysefjord in Ryfylke of southern Norway, Preikestolen is a famous tourist destination. the highest of the cliff is 604 meters (1982 feet) from the surface of the water and the area is ​​about 600 square meters. This famous tourist attraction also has other names: Prekestolen, Preacher’s Pulpit, Pulpit Rock or Hyvlatonnå. Never go to […]

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