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Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano erupted once again this month

amazing spectacular cool shocking grand wonder Japan Volcano eurption lightning storm (2)

April 18, Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano, which is on the southern island of Kyushu, erupted again on a small scale. In the light of the sources of Japan Weather Agency, it was the second eruption of Shinmoedake Volcano this month since the last time on April 9.    

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Trees were shrouded by webs as ghostly cocoons

amazing strange weird fun Pakistani trees shrouded ghostly cocoons spiders sin webs violent floods

In the village of Sindh, Pakistani, after the catastrophic violent floods in 2010, large numbers of spiders spun webs in the trees line the banks of a submerged farm field, the trees were shrouded by the webs which like strange cocoons.      

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Iceland’s volcano might erupt again

europe southern Iceland Katla volcano eruption erupt again spectacular wonder photos (4)

Under the glacier Eyjafjallajokull in southern Iceland, after the eruption of a volcano which has been silent for nearly two centuries, the small-scale seismic activities are continued, scientists worry that the eruption of Katla volcano may be triggered like before. The Katla is the main volcano in Iceland, once the eruption happens, it will impact […]

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Rare fire tornado

marvellous rare unusual cool amazing uncommon fire tornado wonder pictures (4)

Local time on March 1, the east side of Budapest in Hungary, a plastics processing plant was on fire. In the fire, a powerful fire tornado suddenly appeared and the scene was more chaotic. Fire Department dispatched 70 firefighters to keep the fire under control. Currently, there is no report of casualties, cause of the […]

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The Wonder Of The World – Amazing Lava Lake Of Nyiragongo Volcano

amazing awesome cool exciting stunning unique exploration adventure Nyiragongo volcano Crater lava lake

In the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nyiragongo volcano is one of Africa’s most famous volcanoes, there’re three overlapping stratovolcanoes including Nyiragongo (Elevation 3469 meters), Baruta (Elevation 3100 meters) and Shaheru (Elevation 2800 meters). This active volcano is one eight volcanoes in the Virunga Range in central Africa, which is also one […]

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Weird rainbow photos

amazing spectacular cool weird beautiful wonderful strange photos rainbow pics

Amateur photographer Mikhail Baevsky in Ukraine, Mikhail Baevsky Mountain shoot amazing photos of rainbow, there appeared a mysterious figure in the middle of the rainbow.  

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The world’s longest cross-sea bridge

The worlds longest cross-sea bridge Qingdao Bay Bridge (3)

December 22, Qingdao Bay Bridge’s main spans joined up, which marks the Phase 1 of the main project were basically over. The overall length of the Qingdao Bay Bridge is over 41.58 km    December 8, 2010,aerial photography of the construction of the Qingdao Bay Bridge.

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Marvellous spectacle of Fire Tornado

amazing wonderful marvellous spectacle of Tornado Fire fire whirl

According to the report of the National Geographic that the United States, Brazil and other American countries all had forest fires due to the serious drought, In case of the tornado, there will be a rare Fire Tornado. The tornado fire is up to several meters, rotating forward like a fire dragon and destroying everything […]

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Bird ‘s eye view of Himalayas – Amazing photos

birds eye view photo Himalayas 4

This mountain is the highest of the world – Himalayas. A vast mountain system in southern Asia, extending 2,400 km (1,500 miles) from Kashmir eastwards to Assam. The Himalayas consist of a series of parallel ranges rising up from the Ganges basin to the Tibetan plateau, at over 3,000 m above sea level. The backbone […]

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The natural wonder of Russian missile launching failures

The natural wonder of Russian missile launching failures

December 9, northern city of Tromso, Norway, at early morning residents discovered an unusual natural wonder: a huge blue "spiral" in the sky. Witnesses said the light-emitting spiral in the rotation is bigger than the moon. Local media speculated that this may be as a result of  launching failures of Russian "Bulava" missile. Video

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