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Nautilus house

awesome beautiful fairy shell house home design

Fantastic Nautilus house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain is located near Mexico City; this amazingly beautiful shell shaped house was commissioned by a young couple who wanted their children to grow up in a nature inspired home. Source

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Amazing photography – zero gravity photographic works

amazing awesome great excellent wonderful cool amazed zero-gravity photography works (11)

French photographer Philippe Ramette’s standpoint is that anything cannot play false, his astonishing works, weightlessness photography, looks like the images edited by Photoshop, in fact all the photos are real, however. If you look closely, you can see the subtle lack of coordination. People can see his taut hands and reddened face, Philippe said. Next […]

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Whale sharks’ free lunch – Amazing underwater photography

amazing surprising amazed great cool awesome wonderful underwater photos Whale sharks

Although not invited, these unbidden guests, whale sharks in Papua Barat in India are still coming. Underwater photographer recorded the scenes of this amazing "buffet". Whale sharks are lured by local fishermen’s nets, most of these nets have holes, which provide “free lunch” opportunities for whale sharks, and they would suck fish from those holes […]

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Excellent paper art


Jo Lynn Alcorn, American artist, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on paper art, now lives in New York, her artwork has a strong three-dimensional sense and artistic tension, can instantly attract people’s attention and vary with different themes. Next Page

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Spectacular view of flocks

spectacular impressive amazing interesting inspiring awesome wonderful bird flocks

Yearly from late autumn to early spring, over the Gretna Green in Scotland, you can enjoy the magic birds’ flight performance. Every year after a long flight from their habitat in Russia or Scandinavia they will be there for winter, tens of thousands of flocks of birds flying in the sky to compose a variety […]

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Diameter of 100,000 kilometers sunspot eruption and solar flares lead to spectacular aurora in UK

cool most spectacular amazing awesome gorgeous wonderful beautiful aurora polar lights

26, Northumberland, gorgeous aurora appeared in the sky, as if in Norway. Solar flares made the night sky in northern England staging a wonderful show of polar lights. A watcher said it was the best beautiful aurora he watched ever.   The photo was taken on the International Space Station, bright green and red polar […]

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How far is India from your imagination?

beautiful nice great wonderful awesome fun professional india photos pictures (1)

India, as a country with an ancient civilization dates back to at least 2000 B.C., which is still poorly understood and there’s a vulnerable emerging understanding of inertia. Let’s have a look at these beautiful photos of India look as if that emits a light of the Buddha. Next Page

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Amazing aerial photographs taken by Tom Ryaboi

wonderful awesome offbeat unique amazing shocking cool skyscrapers aerial photos shots

Tom Ryaboi, from Toronto in Canada, is known as the photographer of Rooftopping, all of these wonderful photographs he took weren’t with the aid of traditional hot air balloons or any other flight equipments, but sitting on the edge of skyscrapers to shoot. As one of the most famous photographers of Rooftopping, Tom Ryaboi always […]

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Stunning beautiful moonbow at Yosemite National Park

stunning beautiful magical gorgeous wonderful moon bow lunar rainbow Yosemite National Park (1)

Yosemite National Park in the United States, where it appeared gorgeous moonbow, beautiful colors across the night sky like the scene in fairy tale or light magic. Lunar rainbow is very rare natural phenomenon in the world, only a few places on earth where people can enjoy it, and California’s Yosemite National Park is one […]

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Volcanic eruptions photographs taken at close range

amazing cool spectacular rare wonderful incredible impressive Volcano eruption magma lava pics

The hot magma is as beautiful as fireworks. Photographers and explorers risked their lives to go to close the crater and took pictures of these rare scenes. They are adorable for their professionalism!   

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Amazing photos of heavy rain

cool unusual amazing photos pictures images heavy rain torrents cats and dogs (1)

Someone captured the spectacular photos of a suddenly heavy tropical rain on a hill; it looked like the rain poured down in torrents from the sky!

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