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Amazing Aurora Borealis in the UK

amazing cool spectacular magnificence splendid brilliant beautiful Aurora Borealis northern lights (1)

February 25, 2011,media reported, it is generally believed that people have to go to the freezing Icelandic tundra or to remote Canada to appreciate the real northern lights. Actually this is not so, 62-year-old British photographer Jim Henderson in the past two decades has been shooting the aurora in the United Kingdom. He recorded more […]

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Amazing dazzling sparks of molten iron

cool fun awesome spectacular molten iron dazzling sparks ceremony (9)

Local time on February 16, Hebei Province, China, the folk artists splashed molten iron to the ancient city wall. This is a local folklore festival ceremony with long history. During the annual Lantern Festival, folk artists splashed the molten iron to the ancient walls that become thousands of dazzling sparks. The activity expresses a wish […]

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Spectacular photos of Volcanoes of Kamchatka

amazing awesome wonderful catastrophic spectacular powerful eruptions Kizimen Volcano Kamchatka (10)

Photographer shot the photos of spectacular and powerful eruptions of Kizimen volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula. Kizimen volcano is one of the active volcanoes in Kamchatka and located in Shchapina graben, on the southeastern edge of the Central Kamchatka. It’s a potential risk of extensive and catastrophic eruption. Next Pages

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Amazing Antelope Canyon

amazing attractive awesome stunning beautiful cool wonderful Antelope Canyon pictures (36)

Antelope Canyon is famous slit-type canyon and is also a well-known attractive place to photographers around the world, which is located in northern Arizona, closest to the city of Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon in the terrain is divided into two separate parts, known as the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. The tourists […]

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Weird lake in Australia

amazing cool mysterious Gippsland lake water fluorescent blue light Australian photos

January 29, 2011, Australia, according to press reported, 34-year-old Melbourne’s photographer Phil Hart recently in the Lake Gippsland of Victoria took amazing photos – the waters emitted blue light as the fluorescent dye was dumped into the lake. Whether it’s natural phenomenon or artificial, it did at least seem to be great.

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Amazing rocks around the world

amazing funny cool awesome weird strange interesting rare odd Balanced Rocks

China Colorado National Monument This is the well-known Balanced Rock in Colorado, United States   Balanced Rock in Nova Scotia, Canada Birmingham, North Yorkshire, UK The huge rock weighing about 200 tons Next Page

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Spectacular northern lights

iceland photographer amazing beautiful wonderful spectacular northern lights aurora photos (2)

November 2010, beautiful & spectacular northern lights taken by an Iceland’s photographer Orvar Thorgiersson, he is a software engineer from Reyjavik. Orvar Thorgiersson has recorded the change of northern lights since 2007, according to a study that the northern lights is expected to be climax of a cycle in 2012, the phenomenon is caused by […]

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Spectacular pilgrimage to Mecca

grand amazing great Spectacular pilgrimage to Mecca (30)

Very year millions of Muslims have made pilgrimages to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where is Islam’s most sacred shrine. A pilgrimage to the holy land Mecca is made as an objective of the religious life of a Moslem. In the perspective of cultural anthropology, the pilgrimage is a typical "transitional protocol" of every Muslim in […]

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Amazing photos of Iceland’s volcanic eruption

amazing cool Europe southern Iceland volcanic eruption (4)

April 14, Iceland’s volcano erupted and emitted volcanic ashes, volcanic ash clouds at altitude 7,000 meters quickly floated to the European Continent, it can be ranked as the most serious destructive natural disaster for years. Icelandic photographer Roger Sigurdsson and geographer Tennessee Ari Trausti Gudmundsson risked their life to go recording this largest volcanic eruption […]

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Amazing marine organism

amazing beautiful marine organism poached egg like Mediterranean jellyfish

They seem delicious, like a poached egg. But this strange marine organism is more precious than people think. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the staff of Basel Zoo in Switzerland successfully bred a number of special jellyfish. According to staff, it’s very hard to breed this Mediterranean jellyfish. Eventually, they precisely imitate […]

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Amazing 3D pencil pictures

Amazing 3D pencil pictures (1)

The image on the paper is rich with the layer and stereoscopic feeling; it seems to have a 3D stereoscopic effect.

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