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Microscopic world by looking through electron microscope

Microscopic world by looking through electron microscope (14)

The carpenter ant held a Microchip in its maxilla. This microscope magnifies dust 22 million times. A nylon buckle composed of nylon hook and loop Surface of silicon microchip Cigarette paper Human sperm The pilus of 21 times magnification The eyelashes of 50 times magnification Butterfly eggs Female nylon straitjacket Squame on peacock butterfly’s wings […]

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Glacier National Park of Argentina

Glacier National Park of Argentina photos 5

Argentina’s Glacier National Park covers an area of 600,000 hectares, is one of the world’s major water storage, there are different varieties of 356 glaciers. Among them, the Perito Moreno glacier is one of the few glaciers that human can directly reach and closely view.

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Eclipse taken in space

Shooting solar eclipse photos in space by NASA's SDO detector

October 20, 2010, NASA released pictures of solar eclipse taken by the SDO detector. October 7, the moving around moon passed between the sun and the detector, this moment was just recorded by SDO.   Shooting solar eclipse in space by NASA’s detector. Since February of this year, NASA released the Solar Dynamics Observatory, making […]

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Beautiful and attractive Thai soap flowers

everlasting unfading Beautiful attractive Thai soap flowers 11

They look like pretty flowers, even the smells are the same, but they are not the real flowers, these Thai soap flowers will never wither, beauty is everlasting and unfading. Although these soap flowers can be bought anywhere in Thailand, but can you imagine that most of the creators are ordinary peasant?  

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Amazing and Incredible – The Art of Woodcarving

Amazing and Incredible - The Art of Woodcarving (8)

The age-old art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp, hand-held tool, such as graver, carving knife, carving machine, etc. These are carved out of wood, can you believe it?! That’s awesome and cool…          

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The end of the rainbow

amazing photos of great magic end of the rainbow

A great magic like rainbow has appeared on the horizon in the Mediterranean Sea, in fact, this is combination of summer storm and the light of night. The photos don’t use any special effects or technical measures. The rainbow was right there, everyone could see.

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Stunning exquisite art of body painting

Stunning beautiful exquisite art of female body painting  (7)

Not the same as painting with oil paints, the media of body painting (MEHNDI) art is dynamic and vital human body, it is mobile, three-dimensional works of art. Body painting brings a strong aesthetic philosophy.     

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Amazing photos of Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano eruption

Amazing beautiful photos of Guatemala Pacaya volcano eruption (7)

German media reported on June 10, last month, Central America, Guatemala’s Pacaya volcanic erupted. Although the main road leading to Pacaya volcano had long been closed, but many tourists still risked their lives to watch the magnificent natural landscape in disregard of the warnings of disaster relief organizations. Tourists stood in front of Guatemala’s Pacaya […]

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Awesome DIY cool car

awesome super cool_DIY car_

DIY reminds people of computers, very normal, it’s estimated the concept of the DIY original is of compatible computer. But of course DIY is far from limited to IT area, such as the following cool cars, can you DIY it?      

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Appreciation of the modern church architecture – Amazing pictures

Appreciation of the modern church architecture amazing pictures 2

The church can also be full of personality, God’s residence is also need to design, take you to a different church,  design of taste everywhere. Some look like the scences of  science fiction in future.  

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Aesthetic Art Of The Rain Scenery

Amazing pictures of Aesthetic Art Of The Rain Scenery 21

Most photographers are not willing to take photographs in bad weather. However, bad weather can sometimes provide a good opportunity to overcome the limitation of filming techniques. In particular, a relentless autumnal rain, also provide an excellent opportunity to capture wonderful photos. It can produce dramatic effects and romantic atmosphere that shooting in the rain. […]

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