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The beautiful princess of Dubai

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Fatima princess, born in 1993


Maryam princess, born in 1991


Samara princess, born in 1999


Sarah princess, born in 2001



princess2 princess1 Dubai princess6 Dubai princess5 Dubai princess2 Dubai princess princess6 princess5 princess4 princess3 Dubai princess4 Dubai princess3 princess7


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6 Responses

  1. moira catap says:

    princess samara is to beautiful i like him so much.
    all of her princess are beatiful i really like so much………………………

  2. Jellyfish Epstein says:

    I agree they are adorble but cute couldn’t these little girls get in trouble for these pics?. I most Muslim countries these “obscene” pictures would get them buried up to their necks in the sand and stoned to death….or is there a double standard for royalty?

  3. mariooma says:

    Jellyfish Epstein… who told you that?? u really dont know anything about Islam.

  4. mustansar says:

    the two girls in dubai princess6 are extremely …

  5. xzendor7 says:

    They’re Simply Adorable

  6. hatecritics says:

    @Jellyfish: will people like you stop castigating and stereotyping. As marioona said you know nothing about islam. Take a trip to dubai or even Saudi and see. The terrorist are not muslims… please get your fact right before u post, thats whats wrong with the world today…

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