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The Best Rollercoaster Videos, Now All In One Place!

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Rollercoasters! Aside from competitive eating, it’s most certainly America’s favorite pastime. Have you ever heard of anything else that creates such honest looks of horror and still adored by millions? (Don’t answer that.) We’ll travel miles to the nearest rickety rollercoaster ride and we certainly won’t let whispers of safety concerns stop us from strapping in for the ride of our lives. Forget the $20 souvenir photo where your eyes are always shut, the most fun is when these moments are captured on video and given to the Internet to be viewed by thousands (OK, hundreds.) Because it’s summertime and hopefully you have rollercoaster rides in your near future with no one there to record them, here are our favorite rollercoaster videos. [NOTE: SOME LANGUAGE MIGHT BE NSFW.]

First, the classic. The rollercoaster video that trumps all others. Why? Fat kid + panic + rollercoaster cam = viral gold. Put that one down in your “How to Go Viral Book,” marketers!

You went through how many years of journalism school to be qualified for reporting on this one, Rachel? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)

Because we get so much pleasure when grown-men emit high-pitched screams.

This is apparently a clip from Cartoon Central’s newest summer hit, BrainRush, a show that is perfect for YouTube, but might not really work on TV… We’re just guessing.

If you like seeing people with complete horror on their faces but find horror films just not real enough, you might enjoy this compilation.

Another game show that we’re guessing only lasted one season (or one episode?), RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER WHILE EATING RAMEN.

And now for my favorite rollercoaster video (and of course the only one that’s un-embeddable), “Old man gets scared on kids rollercoaster,” in which the title perfectly fits the content and yet I’m still completely riveted. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO PLAY.)



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