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The Hubble Telescope find Firefox in Space!

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The image was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in March 2004.. It is actually the variable star V838 Monocerotis near our Milky Way Galaxy, about 20,000 light years from the Sun. Hubble telescope photographed this major outburst of the star which was initially understood as a nova eruption. The reason for the outburst has not been understood yet, but several theories have already been defined, such as an eruption related to stellar death processes and a merger of a binary star or planets.

but… firefox is everywhere like..

firefox car – Firefox Rock Festival 2007

Firefox logo on one of buses in India

SEB Eesti Ühispank Bank, lets anyone (from age seven and up!) to upload an image via a web interface and they will create a custom bank or credit card from the design.

Always use protection, Use firefox condoms

One thing that some people spend a whole lot of time doing is looking for UFOs and Crop Circles. Here’s a really great crop circle of the Mozilla Firefox logo



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