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The Incredible Art of Origami

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Done in 11 hours work by two hands including several hundred folds; that’s basics of origami!

Origami, which originated in Japan in the early-half of the 16th century, is now one of the most popular forms of creative expression. An art form that’s interesting for everyone from a six year old to a sixty-six year old. Origami is one of the oldest and most fun filled activities that can be done by children as well as adults. It teaches hand eye coordination and patience, which is something everyone can use.

Money makes you believe you can fly by Jon Tucker

Trio from the Lord of the rings by Eric Joisel

Vincent Valentine, a fantasy character from the Final Fantasy Series by OrigamiNate.

Done by origami veteran Dr. Robert J. Lang

Satoshi Kamiya is one of the most advanced origami experts in the world

Best saved for the end! Some outstanding examples of origami from various artists:



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