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The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

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Below are the world’s most dangerous animals.

The Bears: You never wish to be on the Receiving End of This

Common in North America and Russia, bears kill a small number of people each year — and grizzlies like this one are especially aggressive.

dangerous animals bears

The Sharks: There is a Cause ‘Jaws’ Is a Scary Movie

There are about 360 various species of sharks — but only four, including the great white shark, are killers. They’re responsible for about one hundred deaths a year.

dangerous animals white sharks

The Jellyfish: Ethereal Killers

Beautiful, but they are venomous critters that, like sharks, kill about one hundred persons per year.

dangerous animals jellyfish

The Lions: Just big cat?!

The next time you are on safari, stay in the car.

dangerous animals lions

The Tigers: They can be temperamental

dangerous animals tigers

The Komodo Dragons: They Mean Business

The largest species of lizard, the Komodo dragon tend to eat carrion, not chase prey, but the details of a recent attack have us terrified: In March 2009, 2 Komodos tore apart a man who fell out of a tree in Indonesia.

dangerous animals komodo dragon

The Elephants: Dangerous when they Stampede

Never be fooled by their presence in circuses worldwide: Elephants can be unpredictable, and have been known to harm their trainers.

dangerous animals elephant

The Scorpions: Just a Pinch Will Kill You

They’re tiny, but they pack quite a poison sting.

dangerous animals scorpions

The Hippos: You Could Easily Fit Into That Mouth

Seriously, though, a hippo won’t eat you. What it WILL do is trample you, if it’s provoked, they can even kill crocodile.

dangerous animals hippos

The Spiders: Most of them are safe — but some, like the Funnel Web Spider, can inject a victim with lethal venom, bringing on a heart attack or flooding the lungs. Human bitten by it will not be spiderman!

dangerous animals spiders

The Cape buffalo: Any animals with horns can gore human

dangerous animals cape buffalo

The Cobras: They are famous enough, thousands peoples are killed annually by bites from venomous snakes. Possibly meanest of all is the king cobra, which doesn’t even have to bite to kill human: It can spit venom into human’s eye.

dangerous animals cobras

The Crocodile: The big teeth is their famous weapon

They may laze around for most of the day, but when they’re hungry, crocodile can have prey between their jaws in a snap.

   dangerous animals crocodile


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