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The most powerful antique revolver: 3 tubes 18 bullets

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Made in Belgium, each shooting with three bullets. In my opinion, it is more inspired than practicable, but is still very creative.

The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets

The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets 2  The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets 4

The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets 3 

 The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets 7The most powerful antique revolver 3 tubes 18 bullets 6


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34 Responses

  1. name says:

    I want one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you really need to work on your English.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your personality lacks practical sense.

  4. jo says:

    It was actualy designed to shoot ppl who correct others ppls English through the head with.

  5. marlon says:

    i cant understand your english..

  6. bhoopendra singh gour says:

    i want to buy one if anyone can tell me where i can buy it

  7. Fernando says:

    May be it is not intended for sale or mass manufacturing, but I guess any gun-atelier can build it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    oh, man that is so cool!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    ohhh….!!! dammm….! how much power it is….!! very great revolver…!!!
    thanks for this nice sharing…!! i will share this post to my facebook account…!!

  10. Das glasmeister says:

    Um… That isn’t the most powerful revolver around… the most powerful revolver around has only one bullet and has a higher caliber then most MG:s nowadays. Get it right.

  11. Andres Valencia M says:

    And there I was laughing about the “Alone in the Dark 4” Edwards Gun…

  12. srsly says:

    “i cant understand your english..”

    This is pathetic, let alone when coming out of somebody who naturally speaks the language. I’d love to know what others think of you when speaking poorly a different language in another country.

    By the way: you didn’t use capitals in the beginning of your sentence and neither finished the ellipsis on the end.

    No moral rights to correct others whatsoever.

  13. Toe says:

    This is a pepperbox revolver and it look’s like the cylinder is chambered for a 45/70 round(rather large,can send a grizzly toppling over).

    Oh and by the by to be a revolver it has to have a revolving cylinder that hold multiple rounds,so to say the worlds most powerfull revolver take’s only one round is silly,the .600 nitro express zeliska revolver is the worlds most powerfull revolver and it has a four round feed.

    Also also,most MG’s nowadays are chambered for 5×56 or 7×62 rounds,the same used by m4’s,ak’s and most other modren battle rifles,the larger .30&.50cal heavy MG’s are mounted weapons.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Who freakin cares about the grammatical errors, its the damn internet. Nice gun by the way, wonder how the recoil is on that thing?

  15. Sat says:

    WowWwwwwwwwwww very creative.. nice revolver!!

    but I wish it fired 18 rounds one by one instead of 3 at a time.. that way you can fight for some extra time in a gun fight.

    Who cares about the english.. it’s just a fuckin language like the thousands of languages in the world. So don’t worry about that.

    And to the moron who said it’s silly to call this a revolver.. This is a revolver!!

  16. SKKing says:

    i m a smuggler and want this type of gun for shutting & smuggling

  17. SKKing says:

    i m a smuggler and want this type of gun for shutting & smuggling

  18. vamsi says:

    mm.nice models……..

  19. GOODSTUFF says:

    great photo blog

    “make my day” – “do you feel lucky punk”

  20. fink says:

    glasmeist is a noob.

  21. Jose says:

    I can imagine the Obama’s face with the three holes……

  22. James says:

    Jose best comment :) that’s probably what it was meant for. It is the most crazy revolver I’ve ever seen, but if I may, how about a Gatling revolver ? I think I should make one when I retire. No wait, I should hurry.. it could come in handy pretty soon.

  23. James says:

    @ Goodstuff “do you feel lucky punk” Dirty Harry Yess !! I think he could try one of those :)

  24. James says:

    English won the lottery. It has some practical advantages, and very good excuse to be the one. It is simple enough to learn, but it is complicated enough for smart people to use. And it is the language of the Industrial Revolution, the Hitlerism opposition and the Internet. There is no other language that qualifies from all points of view like that. The Kings of Britain are dust, and even the US is crumbling under the Communist Obama takeover. But for now, and maybe for later, we can use the English.

  25. Assman 2000 says:

    Goodbye Zombies!

  26. someguy says:

    Yeah, it’s the internet so we should all portend our ignorance in masse. Get a fucking life and learn how to spell you morons. I post this so much it should be my signature:

    To, Too, They, They’re, Their

    Get it right retards.

  27. Steve Daniel says:

    Oh man , this is a great tool to have on you:P

  28. Amina says:

    another ptrtey good one from DA this week……8D a bit on the obscure side. My pick, 10A…a perfect mix of the false trail with a cross-reference and some tricky letter juggling.

  29. Borderlands says:

    If it took more than one shot you weren’t using a Jakobs!

  30. Gunmaster says:

    All of u are idiots and need to be shot or put in class towere u know what ur talking about I’m getting pisssed just reading this crap I’ve built thre of them in three different calibers it isn’t hard go to school and learn how and I might take apprenticeses

  31. Brooklynresident says:

    I like much, this. First, what caliber is this made in? Next, do the three barrels fire as the Sharps deringer did–with a rotating block that would spot each barrel in turn–or do they all shoot at once? If in blocks of three, this is a “mitralleuse” pistol, which U.S. law classifies as a “machine gun,” (one trigger pull, multiple shots). Really keen. Reminds me of the Lemat revolver (French, made in France and Belgium) of the confederacy, in the U.S. Civil War. Nice for dealing with colored muggers late at night.

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