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The Picture of Everything

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This is just a tiny little bit of the Picture of Everything by artist Howard Hallis. The story is, well, the guy started drawing and just kept on going. Originally, he was just drawing Marvel characters, but then he started to include non-Marvel cartoons, then real-life people that had been made into cartoons, and then… well, everything. He’s scheduled to complete the whole thing – whatever “complete” means – in 2010. There are no villains in the picture because he has a friend who is going to work on the Dark Side, and yes, he is worried about getting sued.

Also, Waldo is somewhere in the whole thing, but I’m not going to look for him. You can, if you want, and let us know where you found him! The link includes plenty of close ups and much more detail.




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  1. Thanks for the blog post.

    When people look at this picture, which has already taken more than a decade of work on my part, and say “Where’s Waldo?”, I feel a little like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons at the moment of his death where he says “I’ve wasted my life…”

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