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The Urfs Webcomic

Category: Amazing world

Our pal Mike Jacobsen and Phil Selby of The Rut have created a fantastic new wecomic called Urf. It’s about life on Planet Urf, which is a lot like Earth but slightly different, and is filled with Urflings, who face problems similar to that of us humans, but with slightly different solutions!

Because it’s tax season, let’s take the issue of taxation. As you know, tax is universal – it also exists on Planet Urf albeit in a slightly different form:

… Urflings also care about the environment, and are facing some sortof an oil crisis there as well:

… and let’s not forget about science! Urflings are a curious bunch -they’ve got their own Super Collider in action to solve the mysteriesof particle physics:

Definitely check out the rest of the trio’s latest creations – and beprepared to be utterly engrossed by the Urflings: Link



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