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The world’s largest nuclear submarine has been re-activated

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The worlds largest nuclear submarine

Typhoon class submarine is the world’s largest nuclear submarine, at present only three Typhoon class submarines in the service, currently Russian troops only able to perform patrol mission TK20.

The worlds largest nuclear submarine2
Initially, the former Soviet Union built six "Typhoon"-class submarines of the three had been removed. In addition three, at present only one still running, its first boat is Dmitry Donskoi, the submarine will serve as the new "Bulava" sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile test platform. Another two submarines TK-17 "Al-Khan, Arkhangelsk" and TK-20 "Seville Stahly" were in the service standby.

The worlds largest nuclear submarine3

This Underwater weapons platforms technical data is amazing. It has a titanium metal shell length of 173 meters, width 24.6 meters, 42.7 meters high, equivalent to a 10-story building, the water depth of 13 meters when navigating to eat, underwater up to 26.5 thousand tons displacement, surface speed per 30 kilometers an hour, submerged speed can reach 50 kms per hour, maximum dive depth of 500 meters, continuous submerged time to reach 120 days. During the Cold War, 6 "Typhoon"-class submarine is located 50 kilometers from the Norwegian border Zapadnaya Litsa Naval Base. Typhoon class submarine is the former Soviet Union to counter the U.S. "Trident" class strategic missile submarines designed, planned to build 12. The first ship Typhoon "-class nuclear submarine from the 1977 start of construction, but the construction of the six post-project will have to stop. Typhoon class submarine was born in the Cold War, as a silent witness who witnessed the great changes happening in the world, as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even today, the Cold War is long over, but "Typhoon"-class nuclear submarines are still sailing in the ocean. Displacement: Water 23.2 thousand tons, 26.5 thousand tons of underwater Specifications: length 172.8 meters, width 23.3 meters wide, 11 meters draft arm: SS-N-20 20 ballistic missiles, each missile with 6-9 multi-target warhead to return to the atmosphere of independent vehicle (MIRV), warhead 100,000 tons, 533 millimeters torpedo tubes 2, 650 mm torpedo tubes 4, SS – N-15 anti-submarine missiles (can be 533 millimeters torpedo tube launchers), SS-N-16 missiles (available from 650 mm torpedo tube launchers), all the missiles to carry nuclear warheads Jieke. Host: 2 OK-650-type pressure water reactors, with a total power of 380 MW, gear-type Turbine host group, 2X50000-horsepower, 4 self-contained turbine generator 4X3200 kW two-axis maximum speed of 12 boat propellers, underwater maximum speed 25 knots

The worlds largest nuclear submarine11 The worlds largest nuclear submarine10 The worlds largest nuclear submarine9 The worlds largest nuclear submarine8 The worlds largest nuclear submarine7 The worlds largest nuclear submarine6 The worlds largest nuclear submarine5 The worlds largest nuclear submarine4


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