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This Internet Detective Sees Right Through Your Games!

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Oh that darn Internet! Always trying to trick us with its photoshopped images and amusingly off-beat stories.But one man, Scott Mintred, has uncovered THE TRUTH! A thorough investigation behind David Thorne’s “fake comedy” was conducted and laid out in a former fan’s blog. You might remember David Thorne as the man responsible for trying to pay a bill with a spider or inviting himself to a party against his neighbor’s will.Well it seems this blogger feels he was “tricked” into being entertained:

It’s all a pack of lies, lit by a lighter of deceit and smoked by Satan himself. How did I deduce this? Using my powers of deduction! Deductive powers heretofore unseen on the internet! For you see, with the exception of the first image that he presents, all of the handwriting (stomach-writing?) is the same from one image to the next!

Exhibit A:

Click through to enjoy the full investigation…Excellent work, 007. Now hand me my deceit lighter and let’s call it a day.

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One Response

  1. Maggie Henderson says:

    Reads as if this Scott Mintred is just insanely jealous of David Thorne’s popularity and success. David Thornes’s website is quite incredibly witty and clever. Scott’s website is some of the weakest writing I have ever seen. It is actually embarrassing reading it it is that bad.