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This is What Happens When it Snows in Britain

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This is What Happens When it Snows in Britain offbeat news” />

Image by: cosmo

It’s not all that often it snows heavily throughout the UK, but when it does, boy do the Brits revel in it. Amidst all the disaster stories and tales of transport network chaos – talk about not being able to cope! – there is a brighter side to the good old cold stuff. Indeed, all the recent snowfall seems to have gone to people’s heads – and certainly brought out their, erm, creative sides if these pictures are anything to go by.

Image by: case

This shot shows just how obsessed with sex the British imagination can be, though it’s also quite an artful piece of snow sculpture.

In Hampstead Heath, loads of crazy Londoners go wild over a giant snowball, with one ‘geezer’ keen to show he’s a rodeo type in the making by riding the rolling bad boy. Indiana Jones eat your heart out!

For more great photos go to Gnews. Video clip sourced from Something Amazing via Neatorama



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