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Top 13 ugliest animals around the world

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The scientific name of drop-fish is Psychrolutes marcidus, mainly living in deep water along the coast of Australia and Tasmania which are rarely found by humans.

 worlds ugliest animals drop fish Psychrolutes marcidus

The appearance of warthog is very much like a synthesis of toad, pig, and rhinoceros. Living on the African savannah, the warthog is not dangerous to humans, its food is burgeoning and block stem of savannah plant.

 worlds ugliest animals warthog

The scientific name of Naked-mole is Heterocephalus glaber, its population lifestyle is as bees and ants. The skin of Naked-mole is almost no hair, and no pain. These strange creatures live in the underground nest; the number of one naked-mole population is up to 100. Naked-mole is mammals, their body has a natural resistance to cancer, and so, naked mole is scientists’ favorite.

worlds ugliest animals Naked-mole Heterocephalus glaber

Same as ordinary spiders, wolf spiders have eight eyes, but a pair of middle eyes is much larger than the other six. The body of adult wolf spiders can grow to 1 inch wide (about 3 cm).

worlds ugliest animals wolf spiders

Sphynx Cats, also known as "Canadian hairless cat." it’s extremely rare hairless gene variants of Americas or Europe family cat.

worlds ugliest animals Sphynx Cats Canadian hairless cat

Mitsukurina owstoni is one of the most horrible deep-sea animals. Its translucent skin is very thin and lack of color, which makes the red muscle, is visible.

worlds ugliest animals Mitsukurina owstoni shark deep-sea animal

The scientific name of Lemurs is Daubentonia madagascariensis, living at islands of Madagascar and the nearby residential area. Although lemurs are mammals, but habits are similar to woodpeckers, feeding on forest trees worms. For the ugly appearance, local residents of Madagascar think of it as the symbol of evil.

worlds ugliest animals Lemurs Daubentonia madagascariensis

Mirounga leonina, living mainly in Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the vicinity.

worlds ugliest animals Mirounga leonina

Tasmanian devil, small ferocious carnivorous marsupial having a mostly black coat and long tail, in the past was widespread in mainland of Australia, but now only found in Tasmania.

worlds ugliest animals Tasmanian devil

Condylura cristata, living mainly in eastern North America, eastern Canada and northeastern United States.

worlds ugliest animals Condylura cristata

Almiqui was considered extinct. Until 2003, people in the mountains of eastern Cuba found that the animals again, and named it Almiqui.

worlds ugliest animals Almiqui

The scientific name of proboscis monkey is Nasalis larvatus,Main feature is its large, long nose, but the zoologist doesn’t know its function. Proboscis monkeys live mainly in the Southeast Kalimantan.

worlds ugliest animals proboscis monkey Nasalis larvatus

The world’s ugliest dog

Tennessee Hairless Dog Aileen (Irene?)

Compared to other dogs, Aileen’s contribution is greater to mankind. Before it died, Aileen total raised 10 million donations for Animal Protection Society of Tennessee, the money used to save abandoned animals.


The worlds ugliest dog Tennessee Hairless Dog Aileen


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