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Top Ten weird two-headed animals

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The following 10 kinds of the bizarre two-headed animals are not the evolution of species, they are mostly a product of genetic mutation.
1. Two-headed cat

weird two-headed animals cat
This gray kitten born at Swan veterinary clinic, Perth, Australia. Mother cat gave birth to a total of three kittens. However, the other two kittens are natural. According to experts, the probability of two-headed cat born in about one in a million. However, some species, the two-headed phenomenon has much more probability, especially in snakes and turtles.
2. Double-headed gecko

weird two-headed animals gecko
June 3, 2008, China’s Hunan province, there’s a strange two-headed gecko found at an antique dealers shop. This gecko’s length is about 10 cm.
3. Two-headed pig

weird two-headed animals pig
This two-headed piglet born at a small village, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. This two-headed pig weighing about 1.5 kg, with two mouths, four eyes.
4. Two-headed snake

weird two-headed animals snake
This two-headed snake found in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. This snake is about 25 inches (63 centimeters), two snakeheads could be the independence movement, two mouths can eat.
5. Two-headed turtle

weird two-headed animals turtle

This two-headed turtle found at a pet store, Florida. Unfortunately, this cute two-headed turtle was stolen from the pet store.
6. Two-headed crocodile

weird two-headed animals crocodile
2001, in Bangkok, Thailand, a siamese crocodile was born at a crocodile farm. It is hard to tell whether the two-headed or siamese.
7. Two-headed cow

weird two-headed animals cow
Was born in Virginia, the United States. It has three sets of teeth, two lower jaw and two tongues, but only one mouth. There are two separate noses, but only one eye socket, in which there are two eyes. This weird cow named "Star", which is the product of selective fertility.
8. Two-headed sheep

weird two-headed animals sheep
This two-headed lamb was born in Iceland, it has two faces. The little lamb only survived the night. Veterinary Parra – Stephenson found that it was never able to raise their heads.
9. Two-headed locust

weird two-headed animals locust
This picture was taken in a coffee plantation in Colombia.
10. Two-headed Fish

weird two-headed animals fish
Found in Canada’s Athabasca lake, it is a freshwater fish. It weighs about 2.5 kilograms, has two mouths, up and down each one.


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