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Top ancient universities around the world

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Bologna University (1088), located in city of Bologna, Italy, is the world’s oldest university. In the middle Ages, it is important academic center in Europe, attracting many of the Christian community of intellectuals. Today, it is Italy’s second-largest university, more than 10 million students.

top university around the world Bologna University

Oxford University (1168), Oxford in the UK, is renowned the world’s top prestigious university, Oxford is a collegiate university, there are many colleges in Oxford, from Merton College, New College, Queens College and other colleges, each college has its glorious history, fabulous architecture sites, you can draw all kinds of interesting facts.

top university around the world Oxford University

University of Coimbra (1290), located in the ancient capital of Coimbra, Portugal. 18th century, Brazil’s literary men had asked for a University is build according to University of Coimbra, because of Portugal’s opposition, the plan of setting up a university in the colony came to failure. However, University of Coimbra is still a model of early Brazil.

top university around the world University of Coimbra

University of Salamanca (1218), in the Salamanca, Spain. Salamanca is Europe’s famous University City which is second only to Oxford; this historic city had once gathered the talent elite around the world. From founded to the end of 16th century, it had been one of Europe’s important centers, and enjoyed equal popularity with the University of Paris, Oxford and University of Bologna.

top university around the world University of Salamanca

Sorbonne, University of Paris (1180), which is a prestigious international university, founded in the 9th century, was originally belonged to Notre Dame de Paris, Emperor Louis VII officially awarded its "university" title in 1180, as a  world’s oldest university it’s on a par with Italy’s Bologna University, also known as "the mother of European universities."

top university around the world Sorbonne University of Paris

University of Heidelberg (1386), in the Heidelberg of German city, is Germany’s oldest university, after Vienna and Prague it’s also the third university of Holy Roman Empire of Germany. In the second half of the 16th century, the University of Heidelberg became Europe’s scientific and cultural center.

top university around the world University of Heidelberg

Harvard University (1636), in Massachusetts, one of the first private universities in the United States, which is a comprehensive university engaged in scientific research and postgraduates training. Headquartered in Cambridge City, Boston; medical college and Business College located in downtown Boston. In Cambridge City, adjacent to Harvard University is Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Interestingly, between the two universities there’s no clear boundary.

top university around the world Harvard University

University of Tokyo (1877), Japan’s first national university, is also the first university in Asia and a world’s famous university.

top university around the world University of Tokyo


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