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Triple X Scar Tattoo

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Here is one very interesting and weird scar tattoo. It is triple x scar tattoo on neck, maybe this guy is a truly fan of the famous movies Triple X or maybe some other kinds of movies. After all, he wanted this one and he got it. I suppose that this one was painful but for this man it is probably priceless.

scar tattoo picture

scar tattoo picture

scar tattoo finished

weird scar tattoo


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15 Responses

  1. dam says:

    IDIOTA !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    fucking gross id rather smoke than do that shit

  3. FUCK EDGE says:

    id rather smoke then get that fucking moron

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dopest shit I’ve seen!!! Mad Props bro!!

  5. sara says:

    This kid is straight edge xxx not a fan of some movie

  6. Bob says:

    what a fuckin jerkwad

  7. Lara says:

    Yeah, he’s Straight Edge, He don’t drink, smoke or do drugs.

  8. pahul says:

    whatever he had guts to do it…..

  9. SUPREMEz says:

    its not because of the movie. hes straight edge. look it upp… it means he doesnt do any drug drink alcohol. its a millitant lifestylee xXx boston hardcore fsu all at yea

  10. eufctup says:

    straight edge isn’t just FSU – its been around long before that bunch of thugs.

  11. cameron sandmeyer says:

    wtf is wrong with you people… guts?? no just a fucking freak.

  12. Vasa says:

    Вы чо там совсем охуели от безделья в своих Западах?

  13. artlove says:

    nice :) love it..!

  14. ct-fub says:

    i wanna see the actual scar….

    and XXX also reprents the city of Amsterdam

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