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Twenty Bloggers We Want To See In Bikinis

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July is Bikini Month — as if blogs needed another excuse to do a sexed-up, tata-obsessed countdown. Bikinis in film! Bikinis on TV! Bikinis on kittens and the celebrity cleavage they catnap in! Like I’m even going to see a real life girl in her real life bikini any time soon. When am I going to the beach? I don’t get paid to surf the waves — I get paid to surf the Net. So if I am doing one of those sexed-up, tata loving countdowns (which isn’t even a nail biter because of course I am), it just makes sense to recognize/creep out the beach bunnies indigenous to the Web. Somehow, counting down “The 20 Bloggers We Most Want To See In Bikinis” makes sense. Substance Alert! The featured vloggers, Valleywag pin-ups, NYC trendsetters and LA scenesters look good in a bikini, YES, but they’re f’ing hot because they’re powerful with influence and the head smarts.

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