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Unique & Strange Bars of Soap

Category: Amazing world

A lot of these soaps (not all) can be found for purchase, on Etsy.comIt’s not a bag of poop, it’s soap.Sumo wrestler soap, if you have ever dreamed of cleaning your skin with a fat, sweaty, Asian.Burger and fries soap, if you dream of the meal, without all the calories. Don’t eat it though, or you will fart bubbles.Delicious bunt cake? Nope, soap.What better way to keep kids away from toxic soap that to disguise it as tasty chocolate peanut butter cups.Ah, looks like a found a better way… Disguise it as Oreos and milk.Obama soap, or at least a creepy, flesh colored, emaciated Obama soap.Mountain Dew scented X Box controller soap. Every nerds fantasy?Hot dog and bun soap. A little too phallic for my taste.I phone soap. I don’t know how many times I have accidentally taken my soap to a business meeting, or used my I-phone to wash my hands. Bad news, wouldn’t recommend it.Sushi soap, if your idea of smelling fresh is old fish.Super Nintendo controller soap.Doggy chew toy soap.Potato shaped soap. Works much better than an actual potato.Old school keyboard soap.PC monitor and keyboard soap. For the IT guy in all of us.Wii controller soap. It really needs a strap though, so you don’t accidentally throw it in the shower.Old school NES controller soap. Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.Bacon soap, actually kills the swine flu virus.Bowl full of Cheerios. Even the Cheerios are soap.Denture soap. Great for swapping out for your grandparents fake teeth.A bunch of creepy hands soap.



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