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World’s tallest building

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January 4, completion and opening of Burj Dubai, Dubai tower height of 828 meters.

World tallest building Burj Dubai

Hong Kong International Finance Center, world-renowned architect Cesar Pelli designed. Second Phase Project of International Finance Center is 415.8 meters high, 88 floors, completed in 2003, it is Hong Kong’s tallest building.

World tallest building Hong Kong International Finance Center

Taipei 101 Financial Building, opened in 2004, up to 509 meters, a total of 101 floors. 2,300 million square feet of office space and 80 million square feet of commercial area, parking lot can accommodate 1,800 vehicles.

World tallest building Taipei 101 Financial Building

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers, also designed by Cesar Pelli, opened in 1998, 88-story high, spire up to 456 meters. There’s a bridge to connect the twin towers at the 42nd floor.

World tallest building Kuala Lumpur

Shanghai’s Jinmao Skyscraper, 420.5 meters height, 88 floor, completed in 1999.

World tallest building Shanghai Jinmao Skyscraper

Willis Group Building, formerly known as Sears Building, opened in 1974, 110 floors, up to 443 meters, while its top of the building there is a TV antenna as high as 77 meters, with a total height of 520 meters.

World tallest building Willis Group Building

Shanghai World Financial Center, 492 meters height, the ground 101 floors, is currently the tallest building of china.

World tallest building Shanghai World Financial Center

Guangzhou TV Tower is under construction, it will provide transmission services for the 2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou TV Tower will be the world’s highest TV tower, a height of 610 meters.

World tallest building Guangzhou TV Tower

New York Empire State Building, started in 1930, built in 1931, a total of 102 floors.

 World tallest building New York Empire State Building


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